Thursday, December 9, 2010

Temple Lights!

This last weekend our family went to the SLC temple square, to the temple lights. It was breath taking, not just because it was cold outside haha but because it was so beautiful. It was good weather too it wasnt too cold. We bundled up and walked around then we listened to some carolers and sat in the tabernacle. It was a fun night. It was my first time ever going to the lights.
So this week I have been so sick. Its kinda nasty, I have lost my voice for the whole week and I have a cough like no other ha its been a fabulous experience...NOT haha! I have had a great last few months being a teacher's assistant. My teachers that I work with told me that because of me everything works out okay and I make them look good as teachers because of all the behind the scenes work that I do for them. They were begging me not to get married and they want to convince the principal to rehire me. Ha! What a great compliment but im getting married to the man I love and they can try to convince me all they want hahahah! I am excited though they want me to bring Preston to the school to volunteer in the spanish classes with me for the first few days he is home, so that will be fun! 55 days!