Friday, May 21, 2010


Two days after surgery and Whit's surgical sites look really good. Today she was able to remove her bandages and shower. Now she only has to cover the sutures with small band-aids. She says that she already can feel a difference in her knees from before the surgery; there's no pain under her knee-caps and it's not grinding anymore; "feels smooth," she says. She is moving around very well walking with crutches. She's also exercising a little each day per the doctors orders.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I took this photo of Whit's knees as we sat in the Surgicenter waiting for Whit to be taken back for surgery. It's the last external scar free picture taken...See how they are swollen in the lower portion of both knees. This is pre-surgery swelling due to the cartilage fragments grinding in her knees causing internal swelling and scarring.
Well, today was the big day for Whitney to go under the knife. Whit had a pre-OP appointment yesterday (Mon 5/17) at Dr. Glousman's office in the Santa Monica area and was scheduled for surgery early the next morning, which is today at 8:00am, at the Spaulding Surgicenter in Beverly Hills. The two appointments were so geographically close together that we decided to stay the night in Santa Monica in the Temple apartments instead of having to get up extremely early to drive from Palmdale down to Beverly Hills in the crazy 405 traffic. This saved us so much time and stress doing it this way which was of great help to Whitney with her already heightened nerves.

The surgery took an hour and forty five minutes, and then another 45 minutes for her to fully wake up enough to go home. The doctor said that he found both scar tissue build up and fragments of cartilage floating around that was causing her pain. He removed the scar tissue and cartilage fragments and then checked the patella alignment to be sure that it was good, it was, so no realignment was needed of the patella/s. He said that over all her knees looked to be in really good shape. He said that her recovery should be quick and smooth as she is to begin today with simple exercises and walking to increase the blood flow and healing process.

Whit was in good spirits as we began our drive home, but then the pain began to set in and her mood changed to...a wee bit cranky. She's now resting comfortably with pain meds in her and her laptop on her lap.

Thank you all for your love, support, and prayers during this painful trial that she has endured these past nine months. We are truly grateful to you all!This post-surgery picture was taken by Whitney as she elevates her legs at home. The bandages can come of Thursday morning and she can then bathe and replace small bandages over the two small incision's on each knee. We expect her to be fully recovered in three months time and external scars minimal.