Monday, June 29, 2009

"He started crying during the First Vision and....

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Hey Familia!

I miss you all so much. Oh my gosh so much has happened I don’t even know where to start. Well I had divisional I believe the last time I wrote and so I went and it was a blast I had 2 Latino companions and they were great. Until I had lunch and then I ate cow balls and was sick for 3 days strait! lol its funny I know I died lol.

I taught a man who was a grandpa and he let us in and we taught the first lesson and he started crying during the first vision and said he knows it’s true it was great. It rained so much that afternoon it was insane! I was soaked, it rained through my umbrella! Well I’m in the field now in Lomas North, it’s in the city, and I have a difficult companion. I’m having a worse experience with this one than with hna Allen preaching to me... She is from St George her name is Hna Lott. She has been here 13 months and she is way strict and I have really shut down when it comes to being myself because she always chastises me for being animated. She talks trash about her old comp so I hope she doesn't talk about me. She tells me I’m wrong all the time it’s frustrating but the lord has blessed me with amazing patience. I live in a garage... you would die if you saw where I live; actually I died for the first few days lol. So here you can’t flush the paper right so you just wipe and put it in the trash (that was Jackie's question) lol.

I would love if you sent me copies of those pictures they are cute and the cat Molly is so cute! So I’m in a super poor area its crazy and I’m so humbled by this experience. I got called out at zone conf for talking to that district leader I told you about, elder white. He mentioned me in his testimony and now everyone thinks stuff, it’s pathetic. I just think of you and dad getting called out for talking its, pathetic ha.

It’s funny here because pointing your finger at someone means the “f “ word to your mother and stuff, it’s crazy so I’m trying to adapt. I have had the hardest time adapting to the culture most of all. I have a cook and we only eat eggs and beans lol. My Spanish was really good till I hit a wall and lost it all and I think its slowly coming back but it’s a struggle. The lord has blessed me with a family to teach in my area. The Castillo Famila; Edwin, Nancy and their 3 kids. The only problem is they are not married so we have to wait but they are golden. I got a letter from Vanessa with Chels wedding pics and I just loved it. Tell Jess I got her email and I wrote her a letter she should get it soon I hope. I can’t wait for Grandma Dawn's package! Thanks so much! I'll let you know when I get it. I am glad to hear from you Brooke. I love you and you hang out with Brittan please he needs friends! And tell that fool to write me!

Mom in that package would you send me some peds the nylon socks in black and tan. I don't have to wear nylons here and it’s like 6 bucks for one pair here. I am going to put all my pics on a cd and send it home with the ties. I will get scripture covers made for the family for Christmas. I only get 210 quetz a month for personal use and that's like golly nothing in American money like 40 bucks maybe, its 8 quetz to one dollar, you do the math. Oh and send a mosquito net for my bed please!

Our area was white washed so it’s been crazy trying to figure out the area. The ‘Area-Book’ sucks so we have struggled finding the investigators. We have 600 members but only 90 are active its so sad. I heard Michael Jackson died and that's all people are playing here now in his memory but I didn't know Farrah died too, so sad.I want you to check my hotmail account often so it doesn't close. Oh and I’ll probably pull out some money today because they didn't give us money today so I’m going to try and use my card maybe pull out 40 bucks American money. I looked at my blog, it’s cute. Thanks so much but I think you forgot that I was in a trio and there was the three of us, not just hna Allen, but hna Farnsworth too lol. I love what you did with the blog it’s nice. In case I didn't tell you P-day is Monday now. Oh and if you wanted to know who I was talking about Elder White is the elder in the picture in the back of my district pic on my blog with the brown hair the tall one in the back behind the elder with the red tie. He is related to my comp through marriage. Their siblings are married it was funny to hear about her from him and then I am her companion now.

I know I’m so scattered with my thoughts. I haven't been able to express my feelings since I have been out here and I really just wanted to type. I want you all to still keep reading the BOM I know you’re slacking but you need to stay strong for me. I need you to also do FHE and keep our family strong. I am curious to know how the diet is coming...Did you two give up? Guess what coke isn't allowed at all so no more it sucks lol. Anyways, I love you. I’ll write next week! Send me pics, I want that the most and the tape of your voices!

Hermana Robbins

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Sunday, June 28, 2009


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Hermana Robbins "Whit" left the Guatemala MTC (ccm) on Tuesday, June 23rd with her District for her Mission Home where she received orientation for her first assignment and met with President Torres and Hermana Torres. She has grown to love the companion's that she's had since April 22nd, Hna Allen and Hna Farnsworth, and I know that she will miss them both a great deal. She has been assigned with a new companion, Hna Lott. In the email sent to us by President Torres he informed us of her arrival to the Mission, but did not tell us the name of Whit's new area. We will have to wait till tomorrow for Whit's letter.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


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Tuesday, June 16, 2009 Email

Hey it’s me!
Oh I loved the pictures, ah they were great. I want copies of all of them! Okay, where to start... Well last week was great and it’s so crazy that I’m going in the field a week from today, ahh so crazy!
I got your package...Oh my gosh mom it was awesome and oh my it was a crazy trip getting it. I had to go into town to pick it up and so I went with the teacher to the post office an hour away so that was a crazy trip in its self and the package was leaking with shampoo lol. Well the cap of the dove broke off and got all over, but I was able to save a lot of it. But mom I just love you thanks so much!

Okay so in sacrament this Sunday my president called me up to speak and so I get up there and I’m like okay, I can do this, and my talk was on diligence. So I start talking really slow and I come up on a word and I’m like, Oh! Crap! I don't know how to say this and so I sound it out... and then I’m like uhhh and then the Latinos start shouting words so what do I do... push the microphone to the side and lean over the pulpit and start asking the sisters in the front row for help I’m like WHAT? HOW DO YOU SAY IT? OH! Then I leaned back over and I pushed the microphone up and keep going. At this time the whole congregation is rolling off their seats laughing. Then I come up to another word and I don't know it so I ask the second counselor, but he was too busy looking at the spider crawling on the stage that was as big as my hand, it was crazy. So that was the funny story of the week.

The Latinos love me more this week than the last group its bad, lol. They are always calling my name and are like “Hermana Robbins...We wanna practice our English with you.” My companion would say to them; “Go practice with an elder and leave her alone!” lol.

I was so glad to see pictures of Brooke. I’m dying at how big Bryce is and your new glasses Bryce are hot! Oh, I bought ties for dad and Bryce they are sweet with the Guatemalan temple on it, you will love it. I can’t believe the Lakers won! President Christensen leaned over to me today and said; “Hey, Hermana Robbins, Lakers 4-0!” I just about died lol. He gave me updates every game!

I get to go to the field in a week and I have splits tomorrow in my mission. I went to the temple today for the last time in 3 months it was sad! My companion keep making fun of me they think I’m going to marry our district leader. I wanna hear from Jess, tell her not slack! I wrote Chels and so she should get one soon. I got Aunt Robin's letter too, tell her thanks!

Oh, so I have been really into searching the scriptures about the atonement it’s been so awesome. Reread 3 Nephi 11 again if it’s been awhile. Uh I don’t think I have lice yet but I should be ok if I am careful but I never know. Oh yesterday we had an English fast so we only spoke Spanish...It was sooo hard! But I did well. Oh and I’m singing tonight again ha it will be interesting! Okay, I love you. Send more picture’s in a word format so I can open it and see it on pages, you know what I mean? I love you all the church is true! Read the scriptures and pray often!

Love, Whit
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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


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Whitney mailed home some Guatemalan Money for us to check out. I can tell you that the white flower you see is actually see through, and I think this UN QUETZAL is their version of a U S $1 bill.
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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"I have had this barrier with the scriptures"

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009
Hey, how's it going! I just finished reading the email you sent me - it was good to have a recent letter from you, I’ll accept emails as long as it is all combined but try not to keep it too long. I was glad to hear about your trip to CO and I want pictures of it all! I got the package from dad and my companions say thanks for the candy, we were dying. I have had it up to my eyes with the food here and enough with the puréed beans ewwww! Okay so I hope I remember what to say...Because I forget the stuff in the letters!

I hope your keeping a copy of the emails I send and the ones you send. I did feel the earth quake and it was not bad here but we all have flashlights in our rooms and the president is doing well with handling it all. I was so out of it that I hardly felt anything. I got a letter from Man Yu, you know my Asian friend from Snow College, and it was awesome. Brooke and Bryce stop slacking and write me! I am glad you got my card dad it was all I could do I wasn't able to get a card!
Well this week was good. On Monday we went to las colinas which in Spanish means the hills and I hiked in the jungle and spiders attacked me and if it wasn't for some of the elders I would have died, but it was way cool though. My comp got bed bugs and gave them to me lol sick huh, so I have to spray down all my stuff today. I think the cats name should be ... la luz it mean the light ... or gato it means cat, or uhhh, I don’t know, think of something good and send me a picture.

I wrote a letter to the Young Women (YW) and I’m sending it home. Have them read it to the girls Sunday when you get it. I hope that all is well I’m glad that the Crozier’s are moving back. I have gotten letters from people saying the blog is nice. I keep getting repeated dear elders. Its okay if you sign my jury paper I don’t care! Uh I am going in the field again next Wednesday to the north mission, ahh so scary. You shouldn’t send anymore letters the GUA-MTC since I leave in 2 weeks. For now on send my letters and packages here:
Whitney Robbins
Guatemala Guatemala City North Mission
5a Avenida 5-55, Edificio Euro Plaza
15 avo. Nivel, Oficina 1504, Zona 14
Guatemala City, C. A.

Oh and guess what so I got new roommates and they don't know how to use anything even to flush the toilet. Its crazy they are locals and they’ve never used a washing machine so I taught them and they saw me use my hair straighter, and so they asked to use it. Well, because of the head lice problems here I didn’t want them to use it, but I don't know how to lie in Spanish yet so I let them, and then I had to sterilize it, and then I lied the next time. But its crazy how the culture is so different.

Tell Vanessa I’m proud of her for the choice to serve a mission and that I can’t wait to hear where she is going. Uh I wrote Brittan a letter last week so tell him he should be getting a letter some time this week. I also loved the note from Grandma Dawn and I’m glad to hear from her! Uh my companions are good and I can’t believe I’m getting a new one here in 2 weeks I have been with these two for 7 weeks...I feel like we are sisters.
So what's the plans this summer... Any cruises you’re going on without me? Ha I’ll kill you if you do! Uh I hope the weight loss is going well and the scripture reading as well. I have had this wicked head cold all week and its no bueno pero, its ok I guess, I’m getting better day by day. I know this letter is supper scattered, I have not a lot of time so its really random.
Since I have been here I have had this barrier with the scriptures and I don't know as much as I would like and a lot of the missionaries know all the stories and stuff. So I started to re read it with a map of the land that my president made for us, and I understand it, and I’m able to retain the stories I read. Its been awesome how much I love the scriptures especially the Book of Mormon. Its the most amazing book! I have been told I’m very good at knowing the scriptures and I can pull out a scripture randomly, so that's good.
I love you all and I hope all is well. Chels write me or I’ll smack you, and Jess I hope the baby is ok! Send my love to everyone….Go Lakers!
I love this church and the gospel!
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Monday, June 8, 2009

Missionary Story by Hermana Katie Brandt serving in the Guatemala City South Mission

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"This week, Hermana Perez focused our attention on preparing Delmi to pass her baptismal interview. In some ways, I think maybe it was a good thing she didn't pass the interview the first time because she was able to see the baptism of her sister and realize that it´s nothing to be nervous about. After she saw Lili baptized, she was so excited. I´ve never heard her talk so much since we started teaching her. As a result it was easier to prepare her. We passed by every day to review the baptismal interview questions. Then, one day we brought our district leader to teach with us so that he could win her trust. We have a new district leader, Elder Lopez from Peru. He was previously a zone leader, so he has lots of experience interviewing. When we invited him to teach with us, we decided to play a game. I was in charge of the game, so I taught them all how to play Pictionary. I had them draw words from the baptismal interview. It worked like magic. Everyone was laughing and relaxed. Apparently none of them had played anything like it before. Delmi passed her interview, and Saturday was the baptism. We passed by early with her to help her get ready (her mother passed away some years ago and she lives with her sister, but she doesn't really receive that much attention). My companion helped her bathe...I felt a little like we were in the middle of ¨The Other Side of Heaven¨ when the missionaries bathe Tomasi, only we were helping bathe a child. After she bathed, we helped pick eggs from lice out of her hair. She looked very pretty afterwords, but the best part was to see her excitement for the ordinance she was to receive and to know that she understood the importance of it. She was so happy. I love to see the faith of children. I can see why the Savior loved little children. They have such a desire to believe and to do what´s right."

Delmi is the child in front and Hermana "Katie" Brandt is on the right.

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'Hermana Farnsworth, Hermana "Whitney" Robbins, Hermana Allen'
A card arrived at our home today from a family who came across Whitney and her two companions while in the Salt Lake City airport waiting for their plane departure to Houston, Texas, and then on to Guatemala. The card contained a photo taken of the three missionaries and a message to us, Whitney's family. The message goes as follows: "Dear Robbins, We met your darling daughter and her companions a couple of weeks ago in the Salt Lake airport. They just sparkled! We happened to be on the same flight. Thought you might like a photo - The Healy's" What a pleasant surprise it was to get this message and photo of the girls and how thoughtful it was for the Healy's to take the time to capture their image and mail it out to each of the missionaries families! Thank you, Healy's!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

"It's a wonderful thing to have this truth"

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Hey Familia,

¿Como le va? I miss you all so much!

Okay, So I got two letters, I got one from Jess and it was a dear elder, and from dad and Bryce and the letter you mailed mom on the 21st. Today I get an hour on the computer so I had time to read your emails. Tell Pat hi and I’m glad she is feeling better! So I still haven't gotten a package and I’m out of shampoo and hairspray lol its interesting.

Well today is so different because we are the only missionaries in the GUA-MTC, and all 13 of us are north Americans. There is a 3 week cycle where missionaries transfer in and out of here and today all the missionaries who have completed their time here have now transfered out and have gone to el campo (mission field) and so its crazy. (Tracie's Note: The Provo MTC is currently on lock-down due to the recent Swine Flu outbreak in the P-MTC so no missionaries are leaving Provo for the next 2 weeks, this means that no new missionaries will enter the GUA-MTC and those who have completed their time there have moved out into the mission field. This leaves only the 13 North American missionaries, including Whitney, that arrived in the GUA-MTC three weeks ago there for at least the next two maybe three weeks...Can you imagine, only 13 missionaries in the the whole GUA-MTC for at least two weeks...That's some GOOD one on one time with their instructors).

I had my divisional and I went on splits on Tuesday and we were gone from 8 am to 5 pm and it was interesting. I got paired up with a native who only spoke Spanish, not funny! So I struggled talking with her. We contacted door to door all morning about 97 homes. Here they have door bells and intercoms no one comes to the door accept a man who answered the door, and he wasn't wearing pants, and chewed me out in English. It was funny, my companion was like “What was he saying?” and I tried to translate but it was classic. He said; “I lived in SLC for 3 years and wasn't baptized, so I wont get baptized here thank you!” and slammed the door lol.

Well its crazy the bus here really doesn't stop, you jump on and off lol. So the rest of splits was crazy...It's so nasty hot that I was sweating in places I have never sweat before, and as I said earlier my companion speaks no English, so she didn't tell me about this person we had an appointment with. So we get to this house with all plexy glass and scraps for the walls and a woman answers the door, their dog then jumps on me and bites my hand. No skin broke and I was fine. Then we go inside and there are turkeys and chickens and hens walking around it was hilarious. My companion, Hermana Barios, starts talking in Spanish and I am catching most of the conversation, and then I bear my testimony and share a scripture and it was good, the spirit was defiantly there entoces esta bien. I loved it but I don't like door to door contacting. But, you do what you gotta do.

Oh and so about the beans, its black runny soup beans with the consistency of poo or something and its got this gross spice in it, and it is sick, and I don't eat it, I avoid it if at all possible. I am glad you got the picture from Pres Christensen, and I am so excited to have you meet him and his wife, they are sweet. So we heard from Sister Cook of the YW General Presidency. She came to the CCM (MTC) and she spoke to us about virtue and it was awesome. I loved it all. She is the sweetest lady.

We do go to the temple every Pday. Its small and the sessions are in Spanish but we have the English headsets and then do some stuff in Spanish, its interesting but I love it! You think the elders here look young, that's a definite, lol, but not all are that young looking, that's just our district. The group of north Americans that went out today were older looking. lol It makes me laugh because I think about you and dad married each other and now I don't see the problem with it, I just laugh. But the spirit of elders on their missions is amazing.

So the toilet paper situation is different and yes it stinks bad. We have plumbing in the MTC but in the field its different. I have normal showers and its hard because the water is nasty and makes everything mold in .2 seconds. I haven't gotten sick at all from the water so its good. I actually don't have to purify the water there are Sparklets water everywhere so we use that to brush our teeth and stuff. I will send you some of the money in the mail today its 8 quetzals for every one American dollar. And I got a sweet scripture case, and side bag native hand made.
I am loosing weight its crazy probably because I’m so picky and because I sweat it all off of me. But my clothes are good, accept my old navy shirts are falling apart with the water, its not good, they are wearing out, but I’ll buy some shirts in the field when I leave. I can’t believe its been 6 weeks already, and my testimony has grown so much its crazy. My testimony of the Savior and for Joseph smith is more than I ever thought it would be, but its been such a blessing to me to teach and to become what the Lord would have me be.

I am so glad my blog is awesome, you must be doing well with it. I want to send you pictures so bad and print them but I can’t here so I have to wait 3 more weeks till I enter the field. Thanks for the TV updates and thank uncle Scott for the sports updates I can’t believe it all. And omg guess what happened the swine flu broke out in the MTC in Provo so we will be the only Americans here they won’t let anyone out of the MTC there.

Oh and you know how I said that the natives fall in love with you?! Okay, creeper story... So I sang that solo 2 weeks ago, and this elder loved me, and would always say; “HERMANA CANTAR”... which means “sister sing,” every time I saw him he would say that and I’m like no, and he says “porque no” which means “why not?” and I finally gave in like the 5th time he asked, and I sang for him. But then the real creeper story is when this other elder I didn't know wanted to take my picture, kinda like the creeper on the cruise ship, lol it was funny but I didn't let him take my picture. Its classic when the elders fall in love with the north American girls lol.
So we went to this place called las colinas which is a camp for the missionaries and members like YW camp, and stuff. There I hiked in the jungle with my comps and 2 elders, which I just love them they are great, and a spider crawled on my arm. I flipped out! It was classic ha, ha, they were laughing at me. No, the women at the temple didn't ask us for money she was just telling us how the lord blessed her even though she had no money.

I have mailed letters to seriously everyone like all of dad's family, and Grandma, and the Latham's, and all of my friends, and so I hope it got there safely and a letter to Brooke and Bryce and dads fathers day card, so it should get there this week. I will write Jess a letter but tell her I love her and I am proud of her passing her test, and I’ll write her more in the letter.

Brooke- Hi sissy how's my baby doing, I miss you a lot. I sent you a letter well actually 2 but I don't think you have gotten them but I just want you to know how much I love you and that I’m proud of you for working so hard to become a nurse and you can reach what ever goal you can set your mind to.

Bryce- I sent you a letter too and I hope you get it soon. I’m so proud of the priesthood that you hold never take it for granted, and I’m so glad mom and you are reading. I have decided to re-read the Book of Mormon too and its been awesome just going through it and seeing the wonderful experiences the Profeta Nephi took from the hundreds of years of scriptures and compiled the 532 pages or so of the BOM. Always keep in mind that the scriptures are so important and I hope you learn to love them.

I challenge everyone who reads this to share your testimony of the Lord and Savior jesucristo to a friend. The most important thing is also your testimony of the Profeta José Smith and all he has done for us because without the restoration we would be like any other church. The lord will fill your mouth when you speak. Then Satan will bind you so you wont speak. I have grown such a great appreciation for my testimony and I share it with everyone I talk to and I challenge all to do that, and even place a Book of Mormon or invite someone to church. I know the gospel has blessed my life and the Lord has died for me and my imperfect life but that's the glory through him we can be saved. I know how important eternal families are and that I can have an eternal family and be married in the temple for time and all eternity. Its such a wonderful thing to have this truth.

Oh and about the rain its crazy, its hot and rains buckets of hot water. I can’t believe Jenn is having twins so awesome! And omg Allyssa is pregnant, so crazy! I am doing well with my Spanish. If you wanna know, I’m kinda at a stand still and not progressing much so I’m focusing on the spiritual aspect of it and its helping. How are the Croziers are they moving back or what's the deal. I haven't heard from them at all. I’m excited to get the packages its been forever and I miss U.S food so much, and its crazy how much I miss just soda! I cant drink soda, and its ahhh crazy, and the fact I don't have candy. Ha, its funny...the humidity here makes chewing-gum soggy, its gross, you pull it out of the pack and its nasty. (Tracie's note: Darn, I sent Whit about 20 packs of chewing gum last month). Oh, I think I’m going to study ESL when I get home to be a teacher for Mexicans, well I mean its like I’ll teach English to Spanish speakers. And I think I’ll be in the Liahona soon so look, okay!

love you all bye!
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