Thursday, December 9, 2010

Temple Lights!

This last weekend our family went to the SLC temple square, to the temple lights. It was breath taking, not just because it was cold outside haha but because it was so beautiful. It was good weather too it wasnt too cold. We bundled up and walked around then we listened to some carolers and sat in the tabernacle. It was a fun night. It was my first time ever going to the lights.
So this week I have been so sick. Its kinda nasty, I have lost my voice for the whole week and I have a cough like no other ha its been a fabulous experience...NOT haha! I have had a great last few months being a teacher's assistant. My teachers that I work with told me that because of me everything works out okay and I make them look good as teachers because of all the behind the scenes work that I do for them. They were begging me not to get married and they want to convince the principal to rehire me. Ha! What a great compliment but im getting married to the man I love and they can try to convince me all they want hahahah! I am excited though they want me to bring Preston to the school to volunteer in the spanish classes with me for the first few days he is home, so that will be fun! 55 days!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The swift winds of change.

I have realized that as time has gone on that I have had more responsibilities placed on my shoulders. More decisions as an adult. Ever since I was 18 I was forced to be my one adult and adjust to how life changes even though we may not want it to. I know that a lot of times I don't feel quite yet ready for the changes that I am placed into or the extra responsibilities and choices that adults make. I have learned to be completely in dependant in making my life's choices, but now I get the extra help and thoughts of the man I love to help me make the choices that I have in life. I am ready to embrace the next chapter in my life whether others are willing to accept it or not, I want to make the best of it and embrace it with open arms. The Lord doesn't give us challenges we cant handle and I have learned that myself through my life's challenges and also by watching others go through trials.

I am so ready for the holidays. The joyful and cheerful feelings that come with the Christmas spirit make me so happy, I just want it to come and fill me with some good cheer. I love working with the children in my classes. they make things so funny and simple. For just a few hours each day I can appreciate the simple fun things in life that children bring. I got to read a cute Thanksgiving book to my 1st graders it was so fun to hear the fun remarks from them. I even get those cute little kids that come up to me and want to give me a hug or tell me something cool that happened to them at recess. Children are so great, I have learned that I defiantly want to teach as a profession. Preston's flight itinerary came this week. Time is flying and its become more real now that we have his flight info and it kinda gives me hope that "yes" he will come home.

He never said it would be easy, but it will be worth it!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tengo un nuevo trabajo, enseñando español

I got a job as an Assistant Spanish teacher in the Spanish Imersion program at Sand Springs Elementary.The objective of the Spanish Immersion Program is to provide a quality second language learning experience for students during their key language acquisition years at no expense to their primary language development. The program is research based and provides a culturally diverse experience for the entire school community. The district along with the faculty and staff at Sand Springs Elementary are united in their support of this school choice opportunity for students.

The Spanish Immersion Program at Sand Springs Elementary is designed for students whose primary language is the dominant language of society (English) upon entry to school. In the Immersion Program, a second language (Spanish), along with the students’ home language, is used to teach regular school subjects. A major objective of the immersion program is oral fluency and literacy in both English and Spanish.

For the Spanish portion of class, students will be immersed in the second language. The teacher will only speak Spanish and instructional materials will be in Spanish. The teacher, using multi modalities will communicate through visuals, songs, body language, expression and drama to achieve understanding. Beginning in first grade, there will be a clear and sustained separation of languages during instructional time. Students will have two teachers and two classrooms. (If enrollment numbers remain consistent.) Fifty percent of a student’s instructional time will be spent in the “Spanish” classroom with the “Spanish” teacher and 50 percent of their instructional time will be spent in the “English” classroom with the “English” teacher. It is amazing how quickly a young child is able to understand the new language and speak in words, phrases, and sentences.
I will primarily be working with the 1st and 2nd grade. I will be assisting the teacher in teaching, grading papers, and helping with all activities in the classroom, all in spanish!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

True Love

Preston-"A Scripture that I wanted to share with you before I go is Alma 32:28, but everytime it says the word ¨seed¨, I want you to put ¨love¨. That´s how I feel about our love. It´s a wonderful feeling. I love you Whitney Dawn Robbins, I truely and deeply do. =)"

28 Now, we will compare the word unto LOVE. Now, if ye give place, that LOVE may be planted in your heart, behold, if it be true LOVE, or good LOVE, if ye do not cast it out by your unbelief, that ye will resist the Spirit of the Lord, behold, it will begin to swell within your breasts; and when you feel these swelling motions, ye will begin to say within yourselves—It must needs be that this is good LOVE, or that the word is good, for it beginneth to enlarge my soul; yea, it beginneth to enlighten my understanding, yea, it beginneth to be delicious to me.

I love him!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

I know that my redeemer lives.

I love all the feelings of my heart, and the strong assurance of the testimony of the everlasting gospel. I know that Jesus Christ died for me and I thank him daily, I am so grateful to know that I can return to the Savior's presence again. I know that the atonement is real. I know that without it I couldn't be anything. I know that one day Ill have the opportunity to feel the prints in the Savior's hands and feet and I will be able to know not any more than I know already that he is the Christ. I am so grateful for the Temple of the Lord. I got the opportunity to take my sister back to do temple work and I had such a comfort of the spirit. I know that I will be able to be sealed to my one true love for time and all eternity. I can and will have an eternal family. I love to see the miracles in my life, even though when bad things happen I know that the Lord is still blessing me with things that I need in my life. I am truly grateful. I love my family and my friends for the constant love they give me! I am grateful for the amazing man I have in my life. For the settle comfort he gives me even from thousand miles away I can still feel his love and comforting arms around me telling me everything will be OK even though I don't think they will. I am truly blessed with my our perfect man. He may not be perfect but he is my kind of perfect. I love Preston with all that I have to give. Sometimes I don't really understand all the feelings that come from my heart and how I can have the most firm love for another person like I do for the Savior but I know that he is the one for me.

... Then sings my soul my Savior God to thee, How great thou art, How great thou art!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Goin CRAZY- estoy loca!

I have been going crazy. I got the job at bath and body works but I have been working long 8 hour days at Macys. I had my lovely mission reunion last week. I loved it to much!

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Magic of Macy*s


I am quite excited, I got it after only being here for 4 days. I have been blessed really! I feel like this whole choice of moving to Utah was the right thing. I am loving it. I am quite excited for the training and stuff this week and to get working. I do better when I have stuff to do. I actually have a interview at -

I worked there before my mission and I loved it to death. I hope that I get hired again and I can get good hours. I know the products and the system and how things work so I hope they are looking at that and realize that Yeah... we should hire her! So I'll have my fingers crossed! This weekend Brooke came up to spend the weekend with me. It was alot of fun. We did a bunch of random stuff and enjoyed time together. This week will be crazy and random. I have my mission reunion on Friday night and I cant wait! I am super stoked about general conference this weekend! YAAY! Its going to ROCK!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fast approaching!

Its just insane how quick this year has flown by. I am currently living in Syracuse with the greatest family! I got a job at the magical Macy's clothing store in the mall and everything is working out smoothly. I enjoy the time I have here and Its just great. I love seeing all the colors change and the season become fall. I cant wait for Halloween and all the adorable trick or treaters. I have a feeling its going to be a great few months. Preston is doing well and is having transfers this week so I am quite excited for him. He will have 2 more transfers till he is home...CRAZY! I have been enjoying time on my skype with my sister and just enjoying my surroundings. Its been a while since I have been able to just enjoy the moments verses waiting for time to pass because the future was so much better. But now i think I have been able to catch a breather and just relax with life. It will be interesting how it will all unfold in the next few months!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

UTAH Bound!

I am moving to Utah! See on the map the last red dot the city called Logan...well I am moving just south west of that in a city called Syracuse! Actually 13 days from today Ill be moving up. Its going to be great I am living with a great family and I am going to get a job and work full time until Preston comes home. I am praying I get hired as a school sub-teacher In the Davis county school district like I applied but we will see. Ultimately I dont care as long as I have a full time job that I enjoy and makes good money. I have a lot I mean a lot planned for myself next year and money will be needed haha! Well If you want to hang out and you live in Utah ya'll will have to let me know!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Month of LoVe!

Marriage is what brings us here together today! My younger sister Brooke got married over the weekend. YES she is now Brooke Rose Tyler. Her and Chad got sealed for time and all eternity in the house of the Lord... the San Diego Temple. We had a long and crazy weekend but it is over and it went very well! We enjoyed the company of our friends and family who came to support Brooke and Chad in their marriage! Thanks to everyone who came!

Monday, August 16, 2010

FuN aNd FrIeNdS!

I have fully enjoyed my summer of fun, surprises, and laughter. I got to visit my ex mission companion. She came down from Chinle, AZ to tour good ole LA. She and 2 friends got the oppertunity to drive down here to see all the sites of CA. I drove down to Anaheim to Downtown Disney and we walked around and laughed and made fun of each other and caught up on life. I enjoyed it! I missed her a bunch! This last week we had an enjoyable time as a family. We got alot done for the wedding. My mom is a trooper, she is working hard! My Aunt and Uncle drove down to our house this weekend and we went to a concert in the park. It was a beatles cover band and it was fun, but the electricity went out half way through it was kinda funny! But we enjoyed it! I am ready for fall to start and then winter and spring to come around. This year has been going great, but i cant wait till next year, its going to be the best year of my life! oh yeah!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Yes, I have fallen madly in love.

Yes everyone I am in love. I am madly in love with the most amazing man. I find myself everyday falling harder and deeper into the sea of love that he provides for me. PRESTON WILLIAM TUCKER is the love of my life. He is my one and only, my better half. He perfects all my imperfections. I have never loved before I met Preston. What do I love about him you may ask, well I could be completely superficial and name all the immature things like his outstanding looks or his laugh. But its so much better than that. Yes his outward appearance and studly personality could whoa me but its so much more. I love him for his thoughts, his mindful thoughts. He has much more of an intellect that is intriguing. He is so thoughtful in every way possible. He is a "thinker", just like me. He is thoughtful in the sense that he puts people's needs in front of his own and he is the shoulder people can cry on.

He gives mindful advice. He is intellectual. He sees the world differently than most men, I love it, he takes in the small moments and makes it last. The tender mercies he loves and cherishes them. He is very smart, not just book smart but he has common sense. He knows whats going on and takes initiative in making things happen ( I think his mom taught him that one). He is a leader, he knows how to lead and guide people in any type of setting. whether it be a large group of people or just us as a couple, he knows how to lead and guide. I admire his spirituality. He has such a great testimony of our Lord, Savior, and older brother Jesus Christ. He knows him, and loves him. He puts the Lord first in his life, and its inevitably noticeable. I admire his love for the scriptures and to learn and study them. He is a reader and when he picks up a good book he reads it and understands every word. He is talented on many levels, one of my favorites is that he is musically talented. He plays the cello and played the piano growing up. He is phenomenal, I melt every time I hear his cello. A life time of heart melting awaits me! Its so beautiful. He is gifted with so many talents I could go on forever.

I love him for his dashing good looks, I have to thank his parents for that one! haha! I think he is incredibly good looking! I love that he is goal oriented and makes sure that he completes his goals. He is an organized person, for the most part... I might have to get him up to par with me haha, but he will fit me well with that! He is a clean freak like me, we like things clean! I love him so much, with more than I can express. Its an eternal love, our spirits are intertwined! He is mine and I'm his! I wish I could just shout it out from the roof tops, I AM IN LOVE! I want everyone to feel how I feel about someone special in their lives. I love this song I came across today, its on repeat right now on my itunes! I wish I could just explain exactly what is in my heart but this is all I can express, I am kinda bad with words. Preston is good with words, another thing I love!

"Come Home"- One Republic

Hello world hope you're listening
Forgive me if i'm young or speaking out of turn
But there's someone i've been missing
And i think that they could be the better half of me

They're in the wrong place tryin' to make it right
But i'm tired of justifying

So i say to you come home come home
'cause i've been waiting for ya for so long for so long
And right now there's a war between the vanities
But all i see is you and me
And the fight for you is all i've ever known
So come home

I get lost in the beauty of everything i see
The world ain't half as bad as they paint it to be
If all the sons and all the daughters stop to take it in
Well hopefully the hate subsides and the love can begin

It might start now yeah
Or maybe i'm just dreaming out loud

But until then come home come home
'cause i've been waiting for ya for so long for so long
And right now there's a war between the vanities
But all i see is you and me
And the fight for you is all i've ever known ever known
So come home ooh

Everything i can't be is everything you should be
And that's why i need you here
Everything i can't be is everything you should be
And that's why i need you here

So hear this now come home come home
'cause i've been waiting for ya for so long for so long
And right now there's a war between the vanities
But all i see is you and me
And the fight for you is all i've ever known ever known
So come home come home

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Top summer things I have enjoyed!

1. Spending time with my family.

2.Writing my Amazing BF!3. Awesome Summer trips.

4. Quality time with my Best Friend

5. Great new summer shows

6. Beach Trips!

Things this summer have been fun! I cant wait till next summer! things have gone pretty smoothly after my mission/ surgery. I have been enjoying my time with everyone and exploring new things! I got to go white water rafting for the first time this summer. I had fun with my best friend and spent alot of fun time with my boyfriend's family. We have Brooke's wedding in 2 weeks so I will post plenty of pictures of it! I cant even begin to describe how crazy things have been in the house but as the holidays come along I think it will just get hectic but I'm going to enjoy the fall and winter. I cant wait for Christmas!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Loving the Life I Live!

I went to visit my future in-laws and went to my sister's bridal shower! We went to the Logan temple to take pictures and check out the grounds. Its a beautiful temple! I got to admire the beautiful work of the saints! I loved it! My mom and I got to go up to Brooke's shower on Saturday. We spent time with her fiance's family and we got to meet a bunch of people on his family's side. I got to spend some time with my wonderful best friend Jessica! It was fun and I got to meet her fabulous bf Bobby. It was so much fun to just relax and be silly and talk and share experiences and stories! I loved my time with Jess even though it was short. Then My mom and I went to my Mission President's Home coming. It was my president of my Texas mission. It was so much fun to see everyone and to give them hugs and just rejoice in seeing each other. We then went to Syracuse, where Preston's family lives. Preston's mom Paula was singing in sacrament and so we went to hear her sing and then we got to spend time with them. We got a special phone call on Sunday night from Preston. It completely made my life! He was able to call home to talk to his family about the recent changes in his mission, and I just happened to be there! It was awesome, we put the phone on speaker and then we got to all talk sitting at the table together! Then I got my time to talk to him alone. Then I piled on his parents bed and the three of us talked to him. I just had the best recomfirmation of spirit about marrying him, it was amazing! We went to Bear lake where they own a home and we played! It was so much fun, we went to the beach and then we ate and laughed and played and made fun memories!
I had a great time and I cant wait to move up there in MARCH!!! oh YEAH!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

This love is difficult, but it's real.

We were both young when I first saw you.
I close my eyes, and the flashback starts,
I'm standing there,
On the balcony in summer air.

I see the lights, see the party, the ballgowns.
See you make your way through the crowd,
And say, "Hello",
Little did I know,

That you were Romeo,
You were throwing pebbles,
And my daddy said, "Stay away from Juliet."
And I was crying on the staircase,
Begging you, "Please don't go".

And I said,
"Romeo, take me somewhere we can be alone.
I'll be waiting, all that's left to do is run.
You be the prince, and I'll be the princess,
It's a love story, baby, just say, 'yes'."

So I sneak out to the garden to see you,
We keep quiet, 'cause we're dead if he knew,
So close your eyes,
Escape this town for a little while.

'Cause you were Romeo,
I was a scarlet letter,
And my daddy said, "Stay away from Juliet."
But you were everything to me,
Begging you, "Please don't go".

And I said,
"Romeo, take me somewhere we can be alone.
I'll be waiting, all that's left to do is run.
You be the prince, and I'll be the princess,
It's a love story, baby, just say, 'yes'."

"Romeo, save me, they're trying to tell me how to feel.
This love is difficult, but it's real.
Don't be afraid, we'll make it of this mess,
It's a love story, baby, just say, 'yes'."

Well, I got tired of waiting,
Wondering if you were ever coming around.
My faith in you was fading,
When I met you on the outskirts of town.

And I said,
"Romeo, save me, I've been feeling so alone.
I keep waiting for you, but you never come.
Is this in my head,
I don't know what to think,"

You knelt to the ground,
And pulled out a ring and said,
"Marry me, Juliet, you'll never have to be alone.
I love you, and that's all I really know.
I talked to your dad, go pick out a white dress,
It's a love story, baby just say yes."

We were both young when I first saw you...

I can't help but love that song! I finally got an email this week, its been a little spread out because of all the changes that have been happening to Elder Tucker's mission, but im learning patience! I was told a good quote today it says "Patience is not passive resignation, nor is it failing to act because of our fears. Patience means active waiting and enduring... patience
is not simply enduring; it is enduring well!" -Dieter F. Uchtdorf Preston reminded me today that the Lord said " I never said it would be easy, but I said it would be worth it." Its amazing because I had told someone that quote yesterday, we are definatly on the same page

I will not doubt, I will not fear;
God’s love and strength are always near.
His promised gift helps me to find
An inner strength and peace of mind.
I give the Father willingly
My trust, my prayers, humility.
His Spirit guides; his love assures
That fear departs when faith endures.

I have been doing some fun stuff lately, today My mom and I went down to the Anderson's house and we had a Twilight marathon before the movie tomorrow. We watched both Twilight an New Moon. I made this really good Crunchy Ranch Chicken for dinner.I cant wait to go White Water Rafting on Saturday, Its going to be my 1sttime going. There is alot of random stuff going on this week but its nice. Ihave been going to the gym and lifting and swimming but my knees have been struggling with that.
Things have been going smooth this week and I am so excited to finally go up to Utah and visit my bf's parents, I love them so much. I also get to see Jess and Its been a few months and we give the best "best friend hugs" ever! My sister should be having a great bridal shower too! Its going to be thrilling to see everyone at President Thurston's Home Coming. Its going to be like a mission reunion! I love the TEXAS missionaries!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hectic Summer Days

Well this summer is just jammed pack! My younger sister Brooke is getting married August 21st down in the San Diego Temple. I never knew how hard it really was to plan a wedding. My parents have been working really hard at getting it all put together for my sister, so far its just stressful; but its working out fine. I am going through my physical therapy as best as I can and Im really recovering well. I am going 3 times a week and they said I have really good range of motion. I started lifting weights and that has been a little tough but im trying my best to work hard and get better. I have a gnarly lesson to teach on Sunday and so Im preparing for that, I just hope I dont choke up there haha! I have had fun recently chatting with a bunch of old mission buddies, Its been alot of fun getting to know each other on a more personal friendship level then on a missionary basis. It was always hard as a sister to gain a friendship with an elder so its nice now to just chill and have funny conversations. One of my old district leaders is coming down to Cali this week and we are going to the beach, so that will be fun.
I am now updating Preston's blog every week, its been alot of fun to do. I enjoy keeping busy and that is one thing that has helped time pass. He is working so hard and I am so very proud of him. I never knew that falling in love would be so easy yet so hard at the same time. Its all about sacrifice and devotion and its totally worth every second. I have recently witnessed my best friend Jessica fall in love for the first time and its been nice to share those connections with her, we both can relate to the feelings of love and it has grown a strength between us. I think she and Bobby will get married before Preston and I but thats going to be fun! I cant wait. I never realized how fast I really grew up until I look back on the things I have done in my life and how grateful I am for choosing the right things to lead me to where I am today. If anyone is interested in checking out and supporting Preston read his blog:
I cant wait for July to start, I have alot in store for me, we have our white water rafting trip and then I get to go up for Brooke's second Bridal Shower and stay with Preston's family for a few days and getting to know my future family that I absolutely love to death. I love Paula and Pw and my mom and I are going to have a blast hanging out with Paula and Hope at the lake house, I am just really excited for a good summer. I have still been competing with Preston to see who can finish the book of mormon twice through, highlighting the refrences to Christ the first time through and then the second time highlighting the gospel principles...guess who is losing...ME haha I am still in Alma the first time through and he is already gone through the whole thing once and Im sure he is passed me in Alma his second time through. Its ok though I enjoy taking my time and highlighting it. I am really learning alot about things I never noticed before. I love the scriptures!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Life at Home

Well its been about 2 and a half months since I have been home from Texas. I have recoverd well from surgery and I am starting my physical therapy. I just got called as the Gospel Doctrine Teacher in my singles ward and im chuggin along just fine. I am trying to keep busy and after the wedding get a job. Its been nice being with the family and enjoying my first summer in over a year. I forgot how nice it is to vedge and lay out by a pool. I am waiting for my amazing boyfriend to come home from his mission so we can get married. I am trying to preoccupy myself until then. Life has been good to me and I try to strive to be better daily! Thanks to my Heavenly father for the many blessings I have received!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Whitney had her Post-Op appointment last week and after her examination the doctor said that Whitney's knees are as good as new! She is to begin physical therapy for several weeks and should be fully recovered in a month or two.

Whit says that her knees feel good; no grinding, no pain, and the swelling is almost completely gone. Some soreness and swelling may temporarily return as she begins her PT, but that's to be expected. She is walking fully with no crutches, no limping, and no pain. She does however still experience some sore and tiredness by the end of the day.

Friday, May 21, 2010


Two days after surgery and Whit's surgical sites look really good. Today she was able to remove her bandages and shower. Now she only has to cover the sutures with small band-aids. She says that she already can feel a difference in her knees from before the surgery; there's no pain under her knee-caps and it's not grinding anymore; "feels smooth," she says. She is moving around very well walking with crutches. She's also exercising a little each day per the doctors orders.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I took this photo of Whit's knees as we sat in the Surgicenter waiting for Whit to be taken back for surgery. It's the last external scar free picture taken...See how they are swollen in the lower portion of both knees. This is pre-surgery swelling due to the cartilage fragments grinding in her knees causing internal swelling and scarring.
Well, today was the big day for Whitney to go under the knife. Whit had a pre-OP appointment yesterday (Mon 5/17) at Dr. Glousman's office in the Santa Monica area and was scheduled for surgery early the next morning, which is today at 8:00am, at the Spaulding Surgicenter in Beverly Hills. The two appointments were so geographically close together that we decided to stay the night in Santa Monica in the Temple apartments instead of having to get up extremely early to drive from Palmdale down to Beverly Hills in the crazy 405 traffic. This saved us so much time and stress doing it this way which was of great help to Whitney with her already heightened nerves.

The surgery took an hour and forty five minutes, and then another 45 minutes for her to fully wake up enough to go home. The doctor said that he found both scar tissue build up and fragments of cartilage floating around that was causing her pain. He removed the scar tissue and cartilage fragments and then checked the patella alignment to be sure that it was good, it was, so no realignment was needed of the patella/s. He said that over all her knees looked to be in really good shape. He said that her recovery should be quick and smooth as she is to begin today with simple exercises and walking to increase the blood flow and healing process.

Whit was in good spirits as we began our drive home, but then the pain began to set in and her mood changed to...a wee bit cranky. She's now resting comfortably with pain meds in her and her laptop on her lap.

Thank you all for your love, support, and prayers during this painful trial that she has endured these past nine months. We are truly grateful to you all!This post-surgery picture was taken by Whitney as she elevates her legs at home. The bandages can come of Thursday morning and she can then bathe and replace small bandages over the two small incision's on each knee. We expect her to be fully recovered in three months time and external scars minimal.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Alright...So yesterday was Whitney's doctor appointment with Dr. Glousman, Orthopedic Surgeon of the Kerlan-Jobe Center. He said that since her last appointment he's been able to examine her MRI and can see that there is some cartilage problems due to her patella's (kneecaps) being tilted, and so in the surgery he will re-position her patella's and clean out any bone and cartilage fragments floating around causing grinding when she walks, and repair anything else that he finds in there that needs fixing.
Now that Arthritis has been ruled out he has given the green light on scheduling the surgery. Pre-Op is scheduled for Mon, May 17th, and surgery is scheduled for Tue, May 18th at a surgicenter in Beverly Hills. Dr. Glousman said that even with the surgery there is no guarantee that Whitney will be totally pain free and that there is a small chance that knee pain will plaque her for the rest of her life. We are hoping and praying for the best. He also said that it will take...after healing and physical therapy in all...about three months for a complete recovery.
Then Whitney can get a job and begin her third year of college in the Fall.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Blood work done a week ago testing me for Rheumatoid Arthritis in my knees finally came in today as negative...No Arthritis! So now I'm scheduled to see the surgeon on Tues the 27th; hopefully now something will be done to get me out of this pain.

Monday, April 12, 2010


Whitney went to a medical lab last week and had blood work done for a Rheumatoid Arthritis check; as the knee doctor requested. We are now waiting for test results of which we all expect to be negative, but it has to be ruled out before the doctor will scope her knees.


Whitney and Cory have known each other for 20 years and had the special opportunity yesterday of giving their Mission Homecoming Talks on the same day (Sunday, April 11th). Who would have guessed that 20 years ago. Both of them did a fantastic job sharing their mission experiences and their testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Cory served in the Illinois Chicago South mission and Whitney served in Guatemala City North and Fort Worth Texas missions. Both served the Lord honorably.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Homecoming talk is this Sunday

My homecoming talk is scheduled for this coming Sunday, April 11th, 9:00 am in the Leona Valley Church building. I'll be speaking along with my friend, Cory Richmond, who just returned home from the Illinois Chicago Mission last Friday, and also with, Chris Roach, who is a newly baptized member of our ward who will be speaking in Sacrament for his first time. I hope that you can all attend.
My parents and I have been asked to attend a Stake High Council Meeting tonight so I can bear my testimony to the Stake Presidency and Stake High Council Leaders. Apparently all Return Missionaries, in our Stake anyways, are asked to do this.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Whitney called a recommended Orthopedic specialist yesterday and to all of our surprise they had an opening today. Yaaaeeey!

Dr. Glousman was very nice and gave us good sound advice. He had Whit get X-rays on her knees so that he could see inside her knees for himself. He said that he could not see anything that shouts "THAT'S THE PROBLEM!" So he suggested that Whitney do one more thing before going under the knife....See a Arthritic specialist to rule out arthritis in her knees. Dr. Glousman said that he would be totally surprised if arthritis was the problem, but wants every possibility ruled out before scoping her knees. So we will now see an Arthritic specialist as he suggested.


Message from Tracie:

Adam, Bryce, and I drove up to Utah on March 19th (Bryce’s Spring Break) to visit Brooke for the week and to be present while she received her Patriarchal Blessing the afternoon of Sunday the 21st. While we were staying with friends in South Jordon we received a phone call late Sunday evening from President Thurston, Whitney's Mission President.

Obviously my immediate thought was that this could not be good. He asked to speak with both Adam and I at the same time, so I put my cell phone on speaker and waited for him to begin in anticipation of what he was going to say. Well, it was just as I expected. Whitney’s knees had been giving her problems again, for about a week now, and she had already seen a surgeon in TX a few days earlier (the same surgeon who had performed knee surgery on Pres Thurston in January).

This surgeon said that Whit needed both knees scoped to see what’s causing the pain. He was wanting to do the surgery himself, both knees at the same time, the following Wednesday. President agreed and asked me if I were willing to fly to TX to stay with Whit while she has the surgery, I said yes, but we had to get authorization from Salt Lake first. Pres called SL and spoke with a General Authority the next day, but the GA said that Whit was to go home for the surgery where post operative care was more feasible, and then could return to TX when recovered. Problem is, here the doctors will only work on one knee at a time making recovery process twice as long. Being that Whit has already extended her mission by 5 mo's the first time she was sent home from Guatemala, I know she won't be willing to go back out again. It would extend her 18 mo mission to 2 1/2 to 3 years.

Whitney prayed about it before we were contacted on Sunday and she got the same confirmation that Pres Thurston received; that she is meant to be at home. And when Whitney and her two companions baptized Claudia on Saturday the evening before, she received a confirmation from the Holy Ghost that she was sent to TX to baptize Claudia, and now that she‘s baptized, her mission is complete. Whitney was able to be instrumental in bringing the gospel teachings and baptism into the Lords church to many people in both Guatemala and in Texas, and many more seeds planted for future full-time and member missionaries to reap. We know that the Lord is pleased with her accomplishments.

Whitney is at total peace with the circumstances and is ready to move on with her life. I think that if anyone is having a hard time with it, I am. And “hard” really isn’t the right word to describe how I’m feeling, because I too knew almost immediately that it’s what the Lord wants; as I felt peace in my heart and mind during our conversation with President Thurston. I guess it’s just that I loved all the wonderful experiences that Whit was having, and as a return missionary myself, I too wanted her to have a full year and a half of those great experiences as well. I have to accept that six months is what the Lord wants for her...She has!

Each of us here in the Robbins home have felt so much love and support from all our family, ward members, and friends this past year. All your letters and packages to Whitney while she was on her mission was always a source of encouragement for her; a vital element that every missionary needs while providing so great a sacrifice for the Lord. And for all of you who would inquire with us of how Whitney was doing; we felt the love and support from you each and every time making it easier for us to be apart from her…. For all of this we are truly grateful to each of you.

We'll do our best to keep an update on her mission blog of her knee progress so you can check it out on occasion to see what's going on from time to time. For now, Whit is looking forward to getting all the medical stuff out of the way so that she can move on with life; work, school, and love.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bringing Down the Powers of Heaven

Wk# 8

Hey Yall!

It was good to hear from you all! I love to hear all about how you’re all doing. The mission this week was way out of whack! We had Our Zone conference yesterday and I had to attend a Leadership Mtg. We got wailed on by President for the lack of work. It was crazy, I didn’t realize how intense it is to hold a leadership position! CRAZY! It was a good Zone Conference though, we had a lot to go over and President gave us a lot of challenges, but it is totally possible to complete them!

So Claudia passed her Baptismal Interview. I know I came to Texas to baptize her. I have never felt a stronger love for a family than I have for theirs! We had a sister’s conference and we all came together as sisters in the mission to have a little lunch and spiritual lesson, it was great! So Oscar the man from Guatemala- He smokes and drinks coffee. So I gave up soda for him... it will be good for me! NO DIET COKE!

So I got sick of listening to excuses this week about why people won’t listen to me when I knock on their door...So o got bold and said:

Me: Hi I’m a missionary from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Do you know why we are here on earth?

Him: Uh no
Me: So you can get baptized in this church, you need to be baptized and I’m here to baptize you.... What’s your phone number?

Him: hum... ok ... (then he gave me his number)

I got guts :)

I am jealous of the Clippers game! haha! Also Brooke you should write the elders in TX, they keep bugging me to have you write them. I’m just telling you now you will like Elder Hatch more, just email him please! Mom, don’t worry about the thing to Preston, no big deal I wrote him a letter instead!

Things are moving slowly and the Lord is helping me in every way I need! I finished the Doctrine and Covenants and the Pearl of Great Price this week! I am so excited to start the BOM!

Mom I can’t find Grandma Dawn's address, can you let me know what it is? Tell her I love her and I say hi!

I have had to use my credit card like once a week. I hope you don’t kill me, we are only given 150 a month and with the costs in TX and the fact that we are required to eat out with our district and zone once a week... it’s expensive! But we are starting to get fed more by members which it nice! I hope you have a good trip in Utah! I hope the Blessing goes well, let me know if she is from the one and only amazing tribe of EPHRAIM! haha!

The mission is amazing and my testimony is growing every day, stronger and stronger! I have a strong testimony of the love our savior has for us, even the times we feel like we can’t go on the Lord always provides a way!

So we did some service this week and helped Claudia and Noe paint the kids room, it was fun we really enjoyed it, By the way, I ate cow face tacos... hahah don’t you love the weird stuff I eat... It was good! I hope you all are sill reading the scriptures and praying daily! I love you all!


Thursday, March 11, 2010


WK# 7

AHHH HI Ya'll!

Well the title of my e-mail very well fits my week! I'll explain in a minute!

So many amazing miracles happened this week and I don't know where to start! So Ill return the answers to the questions and emails I got from you all and then tell you about my week.

So to start off, are you all ok? I heard that there is going to be a horrific earthquake in Cali... knowing we live on the fault line I started to freak out, basically crying when a member told me about the terrible stuff happening because the Chile earthquake.

I have something to tell Brooke, tell her I have emailed her every week and just sent her letter the other day so simmer and stop crying about it! I love her and she knows it, that’s why today I just showed her picture to all the elders in my zone so she can have a missionary to write! So Brooke, write Elder Hatch... yes his name is Hatch! Eric Hatch... his email is (removed for privacy).... He is cute and will be home in 2 months to Utah and perfect for you! Also there is an Elder Bishop, my Zone Leader, he wants you to write him, just hand write my mission address but put Elder Bishop instead of my name!

Now that I have that taken care of and the Elders can stop bugging me, Brooke I want to tell you how proud I am of you and the desire you have to live the gospel. The Lord's plan for us is amazing and his atonement is available only if we take it into our lives. I want to know how your Patriarchal Blessing goes! Mine has been a source of comfort and love from the Lord in my life. In the CCM we were told to write down the blessings and the counsel in our blessing to help remind us of the things that will guide our lives!

So this week has been great, the weather is insane if you all only knew the craziness, So one day it was sunny I was so excited, FINALLY SUN! Then we go inside after working out and I shower and actually straighten my hair and then curled it with my curling iron, I was ready to get all tan and so I put on summer clothes and then after studies, I look outside... to my dismay, I here thunder, and I see lightening.... It was raining as hard as it did in Guatemala.... AHH you can imagine how I felt.... ha! I changed out of my white skirt and played in the rain lol! I love Texas and its randomness (guess what the word random doesn’t exist in Spanish, which is a bummer because I use it a lot.)

Dad, I can’t believe your birthday is already here again...guess what that means.... Mine is coming up haha! Remember how we would share a birthday cake ha. So I can’t believe its March madness... how is basketball going dad? Ok so are you ready for the top events for the week....

Drum roll please...
# 5) So we were going to our dinner apt (we get fed almost daily…who wouldn't want to have me over for dinner, haha) and we talk to whoever we see right?!? So there was this man and he was working on his car. We strike up a conversation with him and he was way random saying he has talked to missionaries before, yada yada yada... So we are sharing a bit with him and he stops us and said; " Donde esta JesuCristo" ( translated: Where is Jesus Christ?) ... Me having a sensitive humor, starts laughing... He was serious that’s the bad part. But the way he said it was so funny. I’m like WHAT... Well I guess in heaven... I’m dumbfounded by such a random question, and I start crying because I’m laughing so hard to the point that I had to excuse myself and walk away. Hna Vasquez had to finish the contact. Let me just tell you how I just laugh too much in the mission.

# 4) So today we went bowling as a Zone, I have the best Zone ever! We went bowling for skittles... It’s where you pick a skittle and then bowl according to a chart they make up, like if you get red you have to act like a ballerina then bowl, it’s hilarious. We had sooo much fun! I am actually feeling a little sick from eating too much skittles!

#3) So we were contacting before our apt last night and we were all denied at this house so we just keep walking. You know me and my loud voice can wake anything from the dead (the elders always make fun of me being so loud, I just say be glad you haven’t met my sister, she is louder). So we walked to the next house then all the sudden a turkey flies from the tree above us and then starts running. So I’m laughing, practically going to pee my pants it’s so funny. The best part is that Hna. Hinton starts chasing it with her camera. But she isn’t just chasing it she is walking like a turkey and making noises. I’m just rolling I’m dying of laughter... It was an interesting night!

#2) So, I set another Baptismal date! YAAY! Bringing souls unto God how great shall be my joy… It’s pretty great! So I have an investigator, FROM GUATEMALA! So we were teaching him one evening this week and had gone in there planning to set a date. We get to the door and I start freaking out... He made Platinoes fritos for me ... remember the big banana thing I made yall. I smelt it standing at the door, I was in heaven! So we get in there and teach him and Sister Hinton was “FABULOUS" and asked him to be baptized... The down fall is he is going to Guatemala for like 3 weeks, so we had to set it at the end of April. But we feel it’s perfect for him and we couldn't be more blessed! So we are just amazed the Lord really blesses sister missionaries haha!

#1) TEMPLE TRIP IN DALLAS! That’s all I have to say really! So we went to Dallas and did a session, the one time in the mission I can be completely selfish and pray for myself. I had a lot to enquire of the Lord, I was so inspired in so many ways. I have the most amazing testimony of the Temple. In my Patriarchal Blessing it said I would be like this…and I am. I can’t wait to go very often when I get home! My goal once a week! I couldn’t have been at more peace then when I enter the Holy house of the Lord. The Lord gives us such a marvelous opportunity in this life to do the work for our ancestors. By the way Elder Doss and I are in fact related....Through the McAllister family line...I have a packet of stories that he gave me to send ya so I will this week!

There is nothing more I want in life then to let you all know of my testimony of this Gospel of Jesus Christ. I have the strongest love for the Lord and the amazing miracles I get to witness daily. If you only could walk in my shoes for a day you could see the amazing witness of Christ I have become. I get to wear his name on my heart and become stronger every day through him. The atonement is such an amazing blessing in our lives; we all can be sealed to our spouse for time and all eternity and become heirs to the throne. The Plan of Salvation is key in our lives and some don’t even know it. I am so grateful to have this opportunity to teach, preach and work... as missionaries do. There is nothing I want more then to tell all the family who isn’t a member or who is but not active, this is the true church I testify it is, without a shadow of a doubt. But of course we Invite all to pray and know for themselves! I love my life! I love you all! Bryce good luck on your test!

Hermana Whitney Dawn Robbins

*** Preston- I got 2 of your letters finally after 7 weeks. I will be responding quickly, and about your email, and the recorder no worries I’ll take care of it. Look for fun stuff in the mail! Be good and work hard! ***

Thursday, March 4, 2010

In a trio companionship...AGAIN, but now Training.

WK# 6

Hey Family and Friends!

Well guess what! So I get a call this week about transfers that I and Sister Vasquez need to attend the “Trainer and follow-up trainer” meeting. Then later that night we get a call that we are co-training Sister Hinton... YES! SISTER HINTON and it was the best news ever! So we are her follow-up trainers and we love it! Sister Hinton and I are going to room at BYU-I when we get home, basically we are like sisters! I love it! The mission rocks! So here is my top 5!

5. A hick man with overalls and a straw hat chewed me out. I was contacting and I said I was a missionary and he said what are you selling and I was like “we’d like to talk to you about salvation.” He then chewed me out. He wanted to see my panhandling permit and wanted to basically make me feel stupid! I told him to simmer and I walked away.

4. So I saw a baptism that the Elders had in the English ward. The lady was black with weaved hair, and when she went under, her wig fell off, it was hilarious!

3. Its amazing…I am staying in Ft. Worth, we had transfers yesterday and I am training Sister Hinton... I told you that but it is a top priority!

2. I set a Baptism date with Claudia... Well we moved it up so she is getting baptized on the 20th and she is sooo excited! I am going to go to the temple a year from now and see them get sealed!

1. So our investigator was sent to the hospital last night. I had a feeling to call them to bring the men over from the ward to give them a blessing and strangely enough when I called his wife was crying, they had just taken him away to the hospital. Her daughter was hysterical and so we raced to the hospital with them and they gave the man a blessing. It was so spiritual and amazing. I love the mission.

It’s amazing that you’re doing the scripture challenge. I am going to the temple next week! yaay! Well I hope yall are doing great. I couldn’t be better! I am glad you enjoyed the pictures!


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

P-Day Bowl


Picture #1) Hna Hinton & Robbins. #2) Hna Robbins, Savage, & Hinton. #3) Whitney's first baptism in TX is of Steven, age nine. #4)District at Steven's baptism. #5) Hna Robbins & Hna Hinton.

Monday, March 1, 2010


Pictures: #1) Hna Checketts, Vasquez, & Robbins. #2) Hna Vasquez. #3) Whitney-Dope! #4) Whitney Shopping. #5) Vasquez & Robbins.

Rancho Vista's better!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


WK# 5

Buenas Mi Familia!

Goll I have soo much to tell you all! Ok I’m going to try and keep it short though because I want to download pics on to my flash drive so I can send it home! We had emergency transfers this week, another sister went home early and Sister Checketts left for another area! So its just sister Vasquez and I! I LOVE IT!

Hermana Robbins' Top 5 de la semana~

#5 So I tracted into a F-LDS Man. He went off about how he was a member of the church and has been his whole life. But a month ago a branch from the church broke off and he has joined the “Mormon life Church" It was hilarious. He was a big man, and at first he wanted us to come in and talk to him, but we couldn’t so we sat outside. He just blabbed about a bunch of nothing until I was like well sir we can send the Elders over but other than that have a great day. He was like can you leave with a prayer and I said ya. So he puts his hands out and said hold my hands lets pray. I was like uhh we don’t pray like that! haha Then he was like ok then you tell me how to pray... we explained how and got out of there!

#4- We had our baptism this week on Saturday of Steven Mendoza, the little boy. It was so good. We sang a musical number and I gave a talk on Baptism. Sometimes talking in Spanish is a little scary but I was perfectly fine and just talked, my Spanish is getting better! It was awesome I’ll send ya pictures asap!

#3 We had a lesson with Claudia and Noe. It was fantastic. I basically took over the lesson and just put my whole heart and soul in it and she is going to be baptized in March. We watched the Last 15 minutes of the Movie the Testaments and then we talked about Lesson 3 (the principles of the gospel) it was super spiritual and amazing. I love that lady so much! I hope I can see them get sealed!

#2 So I got my package from Auntie Robin, It was awesome and my Zone just loved that the Heart Candies were in Spanish. She sent me a whole valentine’s package! I have gotten more for Valentines in the mission than any time in my life, I’m always going to be a missionary now!

#1 Ok so don’t judge my retardedness! So we were contacting and I found a guy getting out of his car. There was another person in the distance, with a big fluffy marshmallow jacket. (I couldn’t tell if it was a boy or girl) So I’m talking to the man about the Restoration and telling him my testimony of the prophet and what not. The man was from Cambodia, with a thick accent! I could hardly understand him but the conversation went like this:

Me: So this is the message we share about the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.

(Person in jacket walks up)....

Me: Oh sir is that your wife?
Man with accent: No that’s my Uncle
Me: Oh it’s your Mom.
Hna Vasquez: Fool that’s his UNCLE!
Me: OH MY....

I turn around and just start crying, I was laughing so hard I was crying. You know how I get when something is toooo funny and I just laugh to the point I cry. Well then Sister Vasquez tried to end the contact while I was walking away, then she starts laughing and we both run to the other side of the street... PATHETIC! IT WAS SOO NOT COOL I KNOW~ hahah

So ya that was my week! Mom, I can’t believe you’re packing up my room, mean! haha No don’t worry about sending me anything! You’re wrong it snowed again Monday! It’s very cold! Oh and thanks for sending me the update on Janae! I haven’t heard from him since I got in the mission so it worries me! I am glad that the family had fun at the Birthday party! How is the D&C Challenge? Are you all reading? I hope so, I’m almost done with it all. I love you all and keep up the good work, spread the gospel and share your testimony!

-Hna. Whitney Dawn Robbins

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Well Goll Hey Yall!

WK# 4

Well Goll Hey Yall!

Mom I know how you hate that but I have already started to love it hahaha, jk! But really I'm trying not to say it but I can't make any promises! I am so grateful for the package you sent me! Thanks sooooo much! I got both of them. I have been wearing the thermals all day every day. We ended up getting a foot and a half of snow! I twas insane! So I just died laughing at the pictures of the animals in the frame you sent me. Mala looks so mad it was funny!

But gosh so this week was crazy. So Aleksandra my other baptism got postponed but we are still on for the baptism of Steven this Saturday. I have been working like crazy this week. We had exchanges for 2 days and so Sister Savage from the North came down and stayed with me and Sister Vasquez. We had the best time ever!

So a crazy story: We were at church for a baptism of the Zone Leaders and they were baptizing a young girl. Her family was super unsupportive and didn't show up. She was crying her eyes out in the bathroom and said she doesn't want to get baptized. This was a shock to the Elder's, so they ran and found me and had me go talk to her. I gave her a big hug and we had a long talk along with a prayer. I shared how both of my parents are converts and they haven't had the best support about joining the church and being married in the temple, but how it is the right thing to do and the most important thing the Lord wants from us in this life so that we can be an eternal family. She calmed down and she said she wanted to get baptized again. We let the Elders know and she was then baptized, and it was fantastic!

So we had our Valentine's party for the ward this week and we got to go and serve food. It was so much fun. It was actually a surprise to all of us when the bishop got the microphone and said I'm going to marry someone right now...We were like uhh, wait, what! So he married a girl in the ward, it was crazy! Mostly because she's a member who was living with her boyfriend and she wanted to go to the temple, so they got married civilly first since they are living together. You can imagine how awesome that was!

So today we went bowling as a Zone, it was sooo much fun! I'm so glad you're going to take into consideration the things I said in the letter. It's great to strengthen the family. I want you and dad to feel the same love for the gospel as you did in the mission and with these daily things I know our home will be such a spiritual power house!

Thanks mom for putting money on my card! I was wondering how much was on there. It's hard to have such little money and stuff is so expensive here! I have budgeted my money very well and I still have a decent amount for the month. Gosh, can you believe I'll have 5 months in the mission this week! So crazy! Mom and Dad, happy anniversary! So I can drive now in the mission which is nice. Tell Grandma Robbins I love her and Happy Birthday!

Thanks for everything! I love you all! I love this mission and the work, it's really making me a better person every day. I know that Jesus Christ is our savior and suffered every pain and affliction for us. In Mosiah 3:7 it gives a great description of the pain that he had to suffer for us. The amazing thing is through that we can be clean and return to our Father in Heaven who loves us so much! I hope you all have a fantastic week!

Love, Hna Robbins

Ft Worth Spanish 7th District
Missionaries get to eat free at this member owned restaurant

The Science History Museum 2/4/10

Monday, February 15, 2010

It snows in Texas! HOLY HANNAH!

WK# 3

Buenas Mi Familia!

Awesomeness! I love being in this Mission, well in the mission in general! Things went well this week with Claudia. Well we taught her and Noe and it was so spiritual. The whole atmosphere of the house was great, the kids were calm and the spirit was there testifying. We talked about the plan of salvation and we told Noe to prepare to baptize his wife. So next week we are setting a date with her! So I woke up to 5+ inches of snow this morning! I can't believe it! I am freezing! My knees are having a hard time with the cold actually and I had to get a blessing at district meeting yesterday. But the Lord will help me and I have faith!

So here is my TOP FIVE for the week!

5. I wore sweat pants under my skirt this week and I looked like a doofus but it was hilarious! I can pull anything off that looks ridiculous haha that was proof!

4. We were tracting and a little boy answered the door and yelled "STRANGER DANGER" and slammed the door. Then the next house was a Gay man who was super flamin and he was absolutely not interested, let's just say door knocking was funny this week.

3. This guy who was 100% high on weed was standing in the street and sister Checkett goes to talk to him. She was super into the contact and I'm just dying. He smelt and his eyes were red and he was just out there. Well he stops looking at her and steps towards me and turns his head and was like "hey, you're alright, and you're cute" .... I was trying not to laugh just imagine me just dying. I just said; alright and walked away. haha

2. We got a flat tire and guess who changed it? ME! haha Thanks dad for teaching me how to change a tire at 16!

1. I have a second Baptism for the month! Yaay! So this lady from Brazil was being taught by the elders, but her husband hated it so we were sent to teach in English to her. To make a long story short, she has been investigation for 3 years and her husband gave her permission. I challenged her to baptism and she has a date set for the 21st! OH YA

So this week was fantastic as you can tell the Lord loves his missionaries! Sister Vasquez had surgery this week on her back so we have to stay inside our apartment. Elder Rank says hi, I'm with him right now. He is our District leader and knows Elder Saena, such a small world. I'm working on writing individual letters to the family so you should get one of your own this week.

So get this our 5th Sunday lesson 2 weeks ago was hilarious I forgot to tell ya. So we are in there and the Bishop is teaching. There are 7 missionaries. The topic is how to have a better relationship with your spouse. We were like uhh, but sat down anyways. The bishop says I don't know why you are here but okay, so we just stayed. He starts talking about how it's important to do stuff for each other then starts talking about sexual stuff and we were all like OMG! We all stood up and walked out and everyone in the room just died laughing! Mom they have Hobby Lobby here! I want to go in so bad! haha I'd be too tempted to spend money though haha! Well, I want to challenge the family, I want you all to read D & C and the Pearl of Great Price and highlight repentance, faith and anything to do with the atonement. I want you to do it by my Birthday! You will gain a stronger testimony for the gospel and I promise if you do the family will receive blessings. I love you all have a fantastic week!

Hermana Robbins

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

7th South Spanish District

Whit's two comps; Hermana Checketts from AK
and Hermana Vasquez from AZWhit at THE famous "Braums" Texas' #1 dinerWhit and her two compsWhit and Sister HintonRobbins, Vasquez, Checketts, Dulye, Rank, Savage, Hinton