Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Simpler Way Of Life

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I email with other moms who have missionaries in Central America and one of them has shared photos of her daughter Katie who is currently serving in the Guatemala City South Mission. These pictures tell an amazing story...It's true that "A picture can speak a thousand words." Here Katie is standing in her dwelling and she loves it even though its one of the poorest areas of the mission. In the background you can see the toilet stall, to the right behind the blue sheet is the shower stall, both have a sheet for privacy, and the concrete sink and counter top for their toiletries on the far right. Laundry hangs from the ceiling. The dwellings are made of concrete because its cooler and they can easily hose it down to get rid of the bugs each day. They get running water from 1am to 8am only, and it's cold! The beds are in the room that she's standing in. There is no kitchen, and no paper products of any kind can be put in the toilet. They are bagging it.

Katie stands proudly next to an elderly woman who is one of her investigators. Katie is 5'4" tall. The average height for Mayan people is 4 feet. They are warm good hearted people and are probably one of the most humble people you'd ever meet.

The missionaries pay the members to feed them....Hence, no need for a kitchen. Here Katie makes tortillas with this sister. One of the many perks of being in this region of the world is learning to make home made tortillas!

Thank you Laura for sharing Katie's pictures with us!

The Ground awakens in Central America

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Earthquake in Honduras

Struck this morning at 2:24am, Thursday, May 28, 2009.

The Honduras border runs south east of Guatemala, and from looking at a map, the epicenter is approximately 400 miles from Guatemala City, about from Los Angeles to Phoenix. Whitney is currently in the City of Guatemala training in the Missionary Training Center. The MTC was built by the Church and constructed of the highest earthquake standards.
All phone lines and electric power is out which makes it more worrisome for the families of missionaries waiting to hear if their missionary and other missionaries are okay. Whitney comes from Earthquake country and has experienced several of them. I believe that both the Californian and native missionaries will be ones who will help calm the fears of those missionaries who are new to the earths movement. I personally have full confidence that all is well with our missionaries and they will be instrumental in helping the Central American people who have been affected by this earthquake, to rebuild and pick up their lives again. The Lord will continue to bless them and their efforts.

Reports say that Guatemala receive no major damage in this 7.1 quake. However, the mission president will make contact with the missionaries asap. The church will be notified about them. The church will make a statement about the missionaries. The missionaries will probably end up rolling up their sleeves, and going to work to help in the clean up effort.

More detailed info on the quake below:

Honduras Quake
Published: May 28, 2009
Filed at 10:46 a.m. ET

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras (AP) -- A powerful earthquake toppled more than two dozen homes in Honduras and Belize early Thursday, killing two children and injuring 40 people as terrified residents spilled from their homes across much of Central America.

The magnitude-7.1 quake struck at 2:24 a.m. (4:24 a.m. EDT; 0824 GMT) off the Caribbean coast of Honduras, 80 miles (130 kilometers) northeast of the beach town of La Ceiba, according to the U.S. Geological Survey in Golden, Colorado.

Democracy Bridge, which spans the country's largest river, the Ulua, collapsed in the town of El Progreso, Cordero said. The bridge is one of two connecting the northern city of San Pedro Sula, Honduras' second-largest, with the rest of the country. Officials were evaluating the second bridge to make sure it was safe.

At least five wooden houses on stilts collapsed in three Belizean coastal towns, while Belize City residents ran into the street as glasses and framed pictures crashed off of shelves. A water tower toppled in the town of Independence and electricity was out all the way to the Mexican border, local officials said.

Closest to the epicenter were the idyllic islands of Roatan and Utila, where officials and hotel employees said there were no injuries or major damage. A tsunami watch was canceled for Honduras, Belize and Guatemala when no unusual waves appeared.

The quake was felt strongly in El Salvador, Guatemala and northern Nicaragua, but firefighter Byron Juarez said a survey of firefighting offices throughout Guatemala revealed no reports of major damage. No damage was reported in El Salvador or Nicaragua.

The quake was relatively shallow, with a depth of only 6 miles (10 kilometers), increasing its potential to cause major damage, said Don Blakeman, a U.S. Geological Survey expert.
''It is still possible we may find out there was more damage, but I think the fact that this earthquake was a bit off shore has helped tremendously,'' he said. ''Obviously the further away from the epicenter you get, there is less damage.''

Associated Press writers Juan Carlos Llorca in Guatemala City and Patrick Jones in Belize City contributed to this report.
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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"I will probably get lice here, everyone does!"

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hey hey hey!

Hey, how's it going? I loved the letters! So its crazy here you wouldn't believe how much we have done here. Its very different here compared to the other MTC. I have been doing so much. I have taught in Spanish several times and guess what happened this week, ok so I had the great idea to go to the temple. Here we have to be escorted by security with guns or teachers, and so our teacher took our district to the temple and so she gave us pamphlets and said we have to place them and get 3 referrals. So my comps and I talked to a man and they for some reason froze up, I was the only one talking, and I bore my testimony and talked about eternal families and gave him a pamphlet, and he was so receptive. I got his address and everything, it was awesome... Okay so here is the question answering time:

I have the same companions, but a different district. Its the 3 of us and elder Fetters, elder White, elder Fusi, and elder Hess. ( PS: email elder Fetters mom and tell her she should be so very proud of her son. He is the district leader with his companion elder White and they are amazing). Okay, then we have 2 teachers and we learn basically only Spanish. I have 3 roommates, all Latinos. The cafeteria is crazy, the Latinos fall in love with the Americans so we are not allowed to sit with the opposite sex and especially a Latino.

Speaking of falling in love, okay so I sang at the fireside last week. It was great...At first it was the 3 of us singing the whole song, and then they chickened out and had me sing solo and they would sing with me in the chorus, so I belted my voice in Spanish, and it was awesome. I sang “Where Can I Turn For Peace.” I didn't know I had it in me but I’m sure the Lord is blessing me because mom people here have horrible voices. You think you can’t sing?! Just try to come here. Latinos have no tune whatsoever, its obnoxious, lol, but even worse is when every day even 4 days later, the Latin elders come up to me and asked me to sing for them on the spot, like begging me, to the point that wherever I went, they were like; “omg, Hermana Robbins, sing for me.” lol it was awesome. (Mom’s note: This is funny because Whit doesn’t have a soloist voice and for her to be singing solo, well it’s a crack up...It must be the gift of tongues in melody. We have always laughed at my singing because it’s so bad!)

Okay, so I have been fine with the food down here even though I’m super picky, and the food is sometimes sick and I have to just suck it up. My comps have to run to the toilet with the runs every two seconds. I’ve been lucky and haven't had the problem with it at all... knock on wood.

I can’t believe Mike Tilden is serving with Trevor?! Its awesome. (Moms note: Trevor is a guy Whitney knew up at Snow College). I called him pee pee don't ask why I don't remember but I thought about Trevor last month actually and asked around and no one knew about what he was up to. I thought he was home by now. Tell Mike to tell him hi for me and I want to hear from him!

I’m glad you got a little pond thing started in the backyard that's so sweet. Okay, so the weather here is so crazy and so hot you can basically chew the air, but it rains, and when it rains, I mean it’s a thunder storms! Oh the best part: guesssss what?...I’m going on splits tomorrow in the field with a missionary from the south or central mission for the whole day. I’m scared but I think it will be good. I get to have my picture in the Liahona in like 2 months so check for it ok! The whole MTC has pictures taken every month so I should be in it soon.

So there’s this thing that the MTC has where we go to this house that the church owns and we teach a fake investigator, and we get taped, lol, so crazy! We go twice a week and some times the spirit is so strong!

I was wondering if you could send me some stuff. The thing is we can’t leave the MTC and we don't have a store here like the other MTC, so I’m screwed lol. I need some shampoo, hairspray, water a heavy duty one, & febreeze because the mold & pee smell in the room is I hate it! And some dryer sheets would be nice. The soap stinks here and the water eats away the coloring on the soap bottles...its weird. Oh, and a soap dish holder maybe like the plastic ones and some candy...Oh I’m dying without it. If it wasn't for Jess` package I’d die. And I don't care what kind of candy it is, maybe some hard tack old fashion root beet and lemon candy they have at Wal-Mart I’m just dying without it and we can’t leave which is the worst thing so I’m screwed lol.

Okay, let Chels know I got her letter and I love her so much and I loved her letter so much and how awesome her wedding was. I bet it was amazing and she should have eaten the food. Tell her I can’t look at her website, she needs to send me pics. And tell her that I will try to write her a letter next week, but I need her new address. I have so much to say and less than 5 mins. I am glad you liked the tape and I knew you would enjoy it. I haven’t gotten any mail from dads family accept from Scott. I wrote them all last week and they should get it sometime next week.

I want you to know especially how much I know this gospel is the only true church. And if anything the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is the rock of my salvation and I love the gospel with all my heart. I know and that Joseph smith saw god the Father and Jesus Christ at 14 and, I love you all. Read and pray! Brooke your getting a letter from me this week, write me please, and mom send me what you think I’ll need. PS: I will probably get lice here, everyone does, so be prepared to help me with it when I get home! keep writing and keep reading the BOM its true and the church is true-

Whitney dawn!

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

" IT'S CRAZY ! "

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Hey, I’m going to send a few different emails because the internet is bad! Okay, well things here have been crazy. Its so humid you can chew the air, lol, but I’m use to it now! The rain is insane and its crazy, but I love it. It will be blue skies, then just pour down. I have had the curliest hair lol, its funny, but cute!

It was so good talking to you the other day. Did you get my package? I can get mail here like I did in the Provo MTC. But its sad, I only get it once a week on p-day. My p-day here is on Tuesday. I was shocked I didn’t get any mail for the past week and a half, not even a “Dearelder” letter from any of my friends. I normally get like 4 “Dearelder” letters a day lol.

The people here are great, accept not as clean as us. We can’t flush the toilet paper, and the smells are getting to me lol. There are 3 Latino girls in my room who don't speak English so its like hand motions and trying to talk to each other in the little Spanish I know. I taught my first Spanish lesson yesterday, they film you and back it was funny. I still have the same companions and I would probably die if I didn't lol.

The GUA MTC is super small and there are probably about 20 north Americans and 35 Latin's, its crazy. On Saturday we went to the temple and contacted people, and it was crazy. I talked to a women who was a member and I bore my testimony and talked about the church a little and then she was crying and she started to bear her testimony and I tried to understand it all but she said she was poor and didn't have much food and she was so grateful for the church and then we sang a hymn to her and it was great the spirit was so strong. My Spanish keeps getting better.

The food is interesting here; my comps are super sick with the runs, and I’m cast-iron tummy and just endure it all, lol. Its not that bad to me, accept for the beans that you eat with everything, even to dip your pancakes in lol.

Let Jess know I’m sending her a letter in the mail, and that Chels needs to write me. Tell Uncle Scott that I love him and he is great for writing me and that I’m doing just fine. I’ll try and write him today but it will take about 2 weeks for him to get it, but thank him for me! Its been great!

I can’t think about what to say but that I miss my old district so much. The new one is way immature, and its annoying. Oh lame story; So I got asked to sing at the devotional tonight, there is a General Authority speaking here in the CCM (MTC), and I’m singing, lol, with my two comps, in Spanish too, lol, non of us have great voices so it should be interesting. I have the best voice here, lol, and that’s not saying much, huh! I also sang last Sunday too, lol, they love me, lol!

Did you get the picture from my ccm presidente? Okay, I gotta go, but I love you and maybe send me candy, the candy here is nasty. Anything chocolate, and oh, maybe the blue box of mike-n-ikes jelly beans ya know, lol, and Febreeze, it stinks here, I’m smell a phobic. I’ll try and get pictures taken, but I can’t send them till I’m out of this ccm in June. I love you and please write me gets me through the week.

I want you to know how much I love my savior Jesus Christ and how much he has done for me and that I know that José Smith was a profeta of de dios y I love this gospel. Keep me updated. Oh and tell Annie thanks for the cookies, and her card should be coming in the mail in 2 weeks. Thanks to everyone who wrote me and tell Shar and Mike thanks for the letter, and tell Nicholle to write me, and tell Bre I’ll be writing her today too.

I love you all!

Rub them Bryce...write me or else!

- Hermana Robbins

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


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President Christensen of the Guatemala Missionary Training Center (MTC) is standing with Whitney and twelve other missionaries who just flew in to Guatemala City, Guatemala on Tuesday, May 12th and they will be training here for another six weeks before departing to various other countries in Central America.

Below is a portion of an email that Whitney's parents received today from the Guatemala MTC President. We'd like to share it with you...
Dear Parents and Loved Ones:
Your missionary arrived "safe and sound" Tuesday night and was involved all morning in orientation for their next phase of training at the MTC here in Guatemala. They finally got into the classroom in the afternoon (Tuesday 5/12) and have started learning more Spanish & teachings from Preach My Gospel. I've attached a photo of them out in front of the flags in the entry of the MTC here in Guatemala. Enjoy!

You are no doubt very proud of your missionary. You should be! This is a very good group of 13 missionaries who join another extraordinary group of 11 North Americans who are in their final three weeks PLUS 35 missionaries from Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Bolivia, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Chile, Panama, and other Latin American countries.

Your missionary has Preparation Day on Tuesdays and will be writing to you then. I know that your support and letters bless your 'missionary' a lot --- and will be greatly appreciated. In addition to email, you may choose to send letters as well through the pouch according to their set guidelines. This is a one page 8.5 X 11, triple-folded, taped or sealed with the address and stamp on the outside.
Pouch Address:
"POUCH" Whitney Robbins
Guatemala MTC P.O. Box 30150
Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0150

For the next several weeks you can ALSO send letters, packages, or other mail to your missionary at the following address:

---Whitney Robbins---
Centro de Capacitation Misional
Boulevard Vista Hermosa 23-71, Zona 15
Vista Hermosa 1 C.P. 01015
Guatemala Ciudad, Guatemala C.A.
I recommend that you don't send anything to the above MTC address after June 13th or it may not arrive before the departure of you missionary on June23rd. Anything you send after the 13th of June should be addressed to his/her mission address. Otherwise, there can be significant delay in them getting their mail because of the time it takes to forward the mail or have the missions drop by at their convenience and pick up and distribute mail to missionaries all over the mission. You can use regular US International Mail Service.

I also invite you to go to our personal website at: When you get to the site, click on “Guatemala MTC”... You can then browse around or take a tour of the MTC. Within a few weeks you may find your missionary in one or more of the pictures. ENJOY!!!

Thanks again for your missionary!!! We come to love these missionaries a great deal and appreciate you lending them to the Lord for this season of their lives.
Thanks again!
President David A. Christensen

TRACIE'S NOTE: Whitney would like for anyone who writes her to do it through while shes in the GUA-MTC. It's easy to set up an account and send her mail both via paper/envelope and email, and it's free. Just follow the easy website instructions. Her mission is the Guatemala Guatemala City North Mission, but until June 13th, send mail to the Guatemala MTC-Free. Her email address is She said she does not have time to respond to each individual via email, only her parents, she is only allowed 30 minutes each P-Day on the computer. So she is prepared with lots of stationary and stamps to write you back.

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Provo MTC World Map

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Whitney with her two companions. Thursday is their preparation day or otherwise known as "P-Day," a day that they have to take a break from their studies by doing their laundry, hanging out on MTC grounds, or going to the Temple across the street from the MTC.

Laundromat Photo. Sister Allen, Farnsworth, Robbins, ?, and Magno.

The Country of Guatemala is no bigger than Whitney's finger tip and is centered around the Countries of Mexico, Belize, El Salvador, and Honduras, with a small beach coastline of the Gulf of Honduras in the Caribbean Sea

P-Day trip to the Provo Temple. Whitney bought her red dress at the MTC Shop. Looks like they all bought dresses there, ha.

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Monday, May 11, 2009

PROVO MTC Elder's and Sister's in her District

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Here are four Elders from her District, L to R: Elder Pratt from Taylorsville, Utah, Elder Cannon from Logan, Utah, Elder Tolman from Glendora, CA, and Elder Todd from Boise, Idaho. Whitney's companions, L to R: Hermana Allen (in blue) from Logan, Utah and on the left is Hermana Farnsworth (in pink & black) from St. George, Utah. Hermana Farnsworth is a nurse and will be serving a "Service Mission" in Chile. Hermana Allen will be going to Guatemala with Whitney.

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Friday, May 8, 2009

"Good thing my companion is a nurse"

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

MOM and DAD!
HOLA I miss you- Okay, where to start. I can only write on my p-day that includes both e-mail and letters. I get the mail 3 times a day and my district leader picks it up for the district. I will try my best to remember all the questions you asked me. I got your packages and I love them thanks so much, your awesome, it really helped me a lot. I also put in a note with your mothers day card did you not see it, it said that the 12 was fine and you can send it! I love the CD player I listen to it all the time now!

Things with my comps are better we are getting along a lot more than we first did. There is 5 in our room, Sister Magno is from the Philippines going to the Arcadia, Ca mission and then her comp sister Jones from South Jordan, UT going to Chile. Then my two comps. I have the top bunk and its nice not to bad, just a little hard. Our schedule during the day is crazy we wake up at 5:55 and shower and be ready by 7, we have class 7-7:45 then breakfast at 7:45-8:15, study from 8:15-12:30 then lunch at 12:30 - 1:15 and class from 1:15 - 4 and gym from 4 - 5:30, dinner at 5:30- 9:30, and bed at 10:30, so ya its crazy busy but I'm forgetting myself and working.

Okay, so speaking of gym I played basketball and sprained my ankle good thing my companion is a nurse, lol, so I have been limping haha its great, not! I got 2 shots they were $151 for 2 and they hurt like a mother, but they are taking care of us in regards to the swine flu. We can't touch anyone and we have to wash our hands all the time and there is hand sanitizers everywhere.

I fly out Tuesday at 8:20 and I don’t know how long the flight is but I have a layover in Dallas, TX for 3 hours and so what's the best way to call and what number should I call you on. I can call collect, or maybe pick up a calling card. they didn't say how long we can talk but I’m guessing an hour so I’m excited. Tell Bryce happy 16th birthday, I sent him a card with pics in it too, so you can have the pics. I have a on-line photo album in case you didn't realize mom its on my blogspot and you can sign in and add pics to that the password and username is the same as my blogspot info. I am glad your working hard at working out both of you, I have been loosing weight because I am not eating out every day lol.

Every week we go to the TRC (teaching resource center) and we practice teaching and so I have taught in Spanish for the first half and then English in the second have and we have to prepare a talk every week in Spanish, I think I'll be called to speak this week since its my last week. I heard both Lynn Robbins of the quorum of the 70 and he talked about Christ like attributes, and then this week it was M Russell Ballard of the 12 and he was amazing he spoke on the desire to serve.

I have seen a few people I know. I saw Brent for a sec and we couldn't talk because his teacher was teaching them, I met a girl who is on the Esperanza Ward in Palmdale Stake, and then also a girl that I knew Megan she was in my public speaking class at Snow. My district is awesome its Elder Kelly from Orem, UT going to Wisconsin and then his comp Elder Rollins from Mesa, Az, then Elder Tolman from Glendora, CA and his comp Elder Todd from Bosie, then the 5 of us girls who are roommates and the last two is Elder Cannon from Logan, UT and his comp Elder Pratt from Taylorsville, UT. Oh I met Que's nephew, it was random lol he was awesome ha kinda like Que. I goof off with Elder Cannon and Pratt all the time in class its great they are hilarious. Okay so a funny thing happened so we were walking to the gym and my comp Sister Farnsworth said "oh look its the missionaries" then we were like omg are you serious, and she was like; "oh, ya, we are missionaries!" it was funny.

So many funny things have happened here, I love it and I'm comfortable now and I'm leaving. I'll send you the address but don't send anything in the mail unless its overnight because I gotta get it by Monday! I am so glad Tiffany sang a song, I'm mad I missed it, and I laughed toooo hard to think about you winning cookie contests with Tollhouse cookies lol!

We go to the temple on p-day and I went last week and in the Provo Temple you don't change rooms, its weird! I got 2 dresses they are Jody and very "Molly Mormon" but I love them lol. I don't know what I'm missing I think you have asked so many questions that I don't remember. The spirit here is so strong if you can watch the movie called Joseph Smith the prophet of the restoration, its was so amazing I cried soo much, and also read Matt 11:28-30. How is the reading and praying coming? I want you and dad to pray together ever night together. Companion prayer is so important, I pray at least 20 times a day and its so awesome to talk with the Lord. I gotta go but I love you and miss you let me know what number to call Tuesday love you so much and I’m excited for the new clothes!

Hermana Robbins
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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Thanks for the package, I shared some of it...I’m nice!

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Friday, May 1, 2009

Whitney mailed to me a beautiful handmade accordion Mother’s Day card that she made before she left home, and a short letter for the family...
~ * ~ * ~

Sorry this is going to be short. I’m hiding this (the card) LOL, my Companions will go A-wall LOL. Thanks for the package, I shared some of it...I’m nice! There is a scale here, no worries. I would love whatever you get me. I should get your pictures printed by Monday and I’ll send copies then.

We were warned about the flu. We can’t touch each other, not even handshakes. I will answer your questions in my next letter. I can only write Thursdays, so don’t get mad. Tell Bryce and Chels thanks for writing me! And tell Bryce that the translation makes no sense! (Bryce wrote some Spanish to Whit).

I got two dresses and you would like them. Oh, I got my flight plans. I fly out May 12th @ 8:20 AM to Texas then to Guatemala on American Airlines. Things are getting better and I saw Brent (Whit’s cousin is also currently in the MTC). I love it here, thinking about leaving makes me sad. Happy early Birthday Bryce :)

PS: Dad-I love you. Thanks for the letter :)
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Sunday, May 3, 2009

"An Amazing Spiritural Experience Happened"

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Thursday, April 30, 2009 Letter

Hola Familia :)
So the computers in the laundry room are really bad, so I can't email this week, but I guess you can scan the letter or type it and send it to people. So this has been the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. At first I wanted to come home because I couldn't handle it. Then the second day an amazing spiritual experience happened.
Sister Magno, my roommate from the Philippines was very sick and so our district leader Elder Pratt offered to give her a blessing. We were in class, and keep in mind there are 3 sets of elders who are in my district who have never blessed anyone and I was having a terrible day because I don't relate to my companions and I'm required to teach in Spanish on Tuesday so I was harboring frustration, when all the elders stood up in the room and they said they will all bless her. So she was on the floor in pain, the elders knelt around her and placed a hand on her head. Elder Tolman administered the consecrated oil then Elder Pratt started the blessing. He then broke out in tears in overwhelming feelings of the spirit, then I started to cry along with all five other elders and four other sisters. After the blessing I had never felt the spirit so much in my life as this whole room of elders and sisters are crying. Then we all shared our feelings about it and bore our testimonies, it was awesome.
So Brent came in this week? I haven’t seen him yet! Tell Bre to write me! So this week Sister Magno fell down the stairs and face planted into my back end. It was funny and she is okay. Oh, send me a calendar, like a wall one. I’m loosing track of time. Maybe a Church one or something. I’m printing pictures but I don’t get them until Monday, so I’ll send them soon.

Hermana Robbins
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