Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hectic Summer Days

Well this summer is just jammed pack! My younger sister Brooke is getting married August 21st down in the San Diego Temple. I never knew how hard it really was to plan a wedding. My parents have been working really hard at getting it all put together for my sister, so far its just stressful; but its working out fine. I am going through my physical therapy as best as I can and Im really recovering well. I am going 3 times a week and they said I have really good range of motion. I started lifting weights and that has been a little tough but im trying my best to work hard and get better. I have a gnarly lesson to teach on Sunday and so Im preparing for that, I just hope I dont choke up there haha! I have had fun recently chatting with a bunch of old mission buddies, Its been alot of fun getting to know each other on a more personal friendship level then on a missionary basis. It was always hard as a sister to gain a friendship with an elder so its nice now to just chill and have funny conversations. One of my old district leaders is coming down to Cali this week and we are going to the beach, so that will be fun.
I am now updating Preston's blog every week, its been alot of fun to do. I enjoy keeping busy and that is one thing that has helped time pass. He is working so hard and I am so very proud of him. I never knew that falling in love would be so easy yet so hard at the same time. Its all about sacrifice and devotion and its totally worth every second. I have recently witnessed my best friend Jessica fall in love for the first time and its been nice to share those connections with her, we both can relate to the feelings of love and it has grown a strength between us. I think she and Bobby will get married before Preston and I but thats going to be fun! I cant wait. I never realized how fast I really grew up until I look back on the things I have done in my life and how grateful I am for choosing the right things to lead me to where I am today. If anyone is interested in checking out and supporting Preston read his blog: www.elderpreston.blogspot.com
I cant wait for July to start, I have alot in store for me, we have our white water rafting trip and then I get to go up for Brooke's second Bridal Shower and stay with Preston's family for a few days and getting to know my future family that I absolutely love to death. I love Paula and Pw and my mom and I are going to have a blast hanging out with Paula and Hope at the lake house, I am just really excited for a good summer. I have still been competing with Preston to see who can finish the book of mormon twice through, highlighting the refrences to Christ the first time through and then the second time highlighting the gospel principles...guess who is losing...ME haha I am still in Alma the first time through and he is already gone through the whole thing once and Im sure he is passed me in Alma his second time through. Its ok though I enjoy taking my time and highlighting it. I am really learning alot about things I never noticed before. I love the scriptures!


  1. Whitney! Is Preston allowed to check his blog and comments or no? Anyways! Thanks for being such a great friend to Jessica! She speaks very highly of you and loves you lots! Lookin' forward to meetin' ya soon!


  2. Uh He checks it but not often you can add him on FB if you want!