Sunday, January 23, 2011

Time Flys!

10 days 18 hours and 18 mins till Preston comes home....who's counting? I'm definatly not even excited! haha! Its been a while since i have blogged. How sad that my followers have been deprived of my whitney goodness as Prest would put it. Well I have been busy and trying to survive so blogging hasnt been in the picture i guess.

I am sick, yet again with a terrible cold! I know right how could this happen to me again....yes its the story of my life. I was sick with a head cold all of December. I got over it the first of Jan and now I have a new cold and its the 3rd week of Jan...pretty pathetic eh? .... that reminds me Jennifer and I spend the whole night the other day quoting the movie The Emperor's New Groove while we watched it....beware of the groooovvvveee! haha I love it! I have been hanging out with my co-worker Jennifer Green, she is fab!

I gave a talk in sacrament today and I have to admit it was the haha I owe it all to the Lord for his guidance in what to say but I definatly felt like i did well! LOVE IT! I am moving out this week, CRAZY! I never thought it would come, but yes it is! Ill be married before I know it. I am so happy! I am starting to look for job opportinities in Tempe, AZ if anyone knows of any let me know. Ill need to work full time to pay for our bills and cost of living. Its going to be intense but it will work!

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