Thursday, January 28, 2010


WK# 1

Hey Family!

Well crazy! I love TEXAS! I LOVE FT WORTH! I have 2 companions, one is Sister Checketts from AK, and the other is Sister Vasquez from AZ. I have the best time with both. Ok, so I can only send one email a week to the family, so if you can do me a favor mom and email some people and tell them a message for me, I would love it, but I'll write to you first.

I am in the 7th South area Spanish ward in Ft. Worth. I have a nice apartment. I live in Sycamore you can google it mom hahaha! Well I have awesome Spanish now, the Lord has blessed me. The most amazing thing is I have seen so many miracles since I have been here. I have actually taught in both English and Spanish! It's been a joy and a half. I have never loved my mission president as much as I love Pres. Thurston. He is a professional motivational speaker. He gave me a fantastic blessing and it was just amazing!

Here is my top 5 moments of the week:

# 5) I contacted alone by myself in Spanish while my companions were across the street.

# 4) I went on splits with a new Greenie...Sister Hinton and we were tracting and a lady yelled at us saying:

"Jesus Christ lives in my house" And Sister Hinton said: "Have you read the Book of Mormon?"
"NO, I DON'T LIKE IT!" door slam! hahaha

# 3) I taught a lady named Claudia who is going to prepare to be baptized this month. She is married to a member and speaks both English and Spanish.

# 2) We had a miracle lesson. We knocked on a door on accident thinking it was someone elses apt, but it wasn't, and she let us in and she accepted the message and is coming to church.

# 1) I invited a boy (Steven) to be baptized, my first commitment. He is getting baptized on Feb 19th!

So Texas has unpredictable weather! Oh mom, I have to get a suit coat so I'll put it on my credit card and the statement will come to you! Oh and my contacts are in the dresser in 2 boxes, I need them sometime! Oh Sophie is so CUTE! I can't believe you waited so long and didn't get it when I was home! Give her loves, and I miss Molly too!


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  1. Hey Whitney, that is so awesome. I'm so happy for you and it sounds like you are doing so well. Thank you for your service. Continue to do well sweetie.