Thursday, February 4, 2010


WK# 2

Hey Family!

Well sorry I didn't answer all the questions you had last week mom, I was totally spacing it and I had 18 emails in my inbox so I had no idea we couldn't email other people accept one a week to my parents so I just spaced out. But I'll try hard to answer the questions.

So guess who is in my mission... Dr. Theurer's son.... He is in LV ward, next Sunday look at his plaque on the other side! We just died when we found out that we were from the same home town haha! Also there is an Elder Doss from Kanab, I think we are related, I forgot the name he said but we are related somehow. So I can't believe Brooke is sick, feel better, the power of the priesthood is so real and you can always receive a blessing! So this is the top for the week.

#5 It snowed! haha It was in the 20s and freezing!

#4 I got kissed on the hand by this old man who we are teaching then he tried to hold my hand....AWKWARD

#3 We got to go to a Rodeo today!

#2 We got to teach Claudia, and her husband Noe. It was AMAZING the spirit was sooo strong. We taught about the atonement and I got to testify so much and it was so amazing. We talked about how the Lord gives us challenges that are heavy on us and it's not because we did something wrong but because he loves us. I got to share about my knees and how it wasn't a sin or something I deserved but what the Lord wanted. It was exactly what they needed and now Noe is preparing to baptize his wife. It's a miracle.

#1 ZONE CONFERENCE! We had the best time ever! The spirit was so strong and I enjoyed listening to all the talks. It was so good to meet all the other people as well.

So sister Hinton said that you talked to her mom on the missionary moms site, hilarious we are serving in the same ward and talk all the time! Kira is awesome, I'll write her, I know who she is! Uhhh I can't believe you found Debbie, poor cat! I love her! And Dad, Molly is not dumb! I love her, she is my cat and I miss her! Mom can you send me pics of Mala and Sophie!

The Spanish is definatly different here, it's a lot of Mexican Spanish and I'm not used to it, all the slang and other country accents, but it's okay, I'm learning fast. The Lord really does work miracles and I get to see it daily. We are a Baptizing mission; the mission motto is "We are the BMW" (BEST MISSION in the WORLD!) I do live it in Sycamore Trace right off of Seminary haha mom you're so funny ha, I live in Fort Worth, that's the town.

My comps are awesome and we are doing great, we are trying to set good goals. Our district is working together and trying for a baptism a month at least and so far we got it! I teach a lot actually, I got to eat a tortilla and make them in a lady's house and it reminded me of Guatemala. I started to cry! I miss Guate! Steven is going to be 9 on his baptism! yaay!

My contacts are in my dresser on the left side the second from the bottom...I think. I would like some Thermal garments; the tops 28 tall and the bottom 28 as well, it's cold here in the 20s and I am freezing. If you can find some dark brown or black leather gloves send them my way, and scarves! I went to Burlington and got a suit coat and a heavy jacket, I put it on my credit card, it wasn't too expensive for both is was like $125... So look for that statement in the mail.

Uh well I love you all and the church is true, I am proud of your talks and the amazing progress you are all making, please make sure you have family prayer every night, and FHE! It's really the key of keeping a family together and the spirit in the home! I love you all!

Hermana Robbins!

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