Monday, August 16, 2010

FuN aNd FrIeNdS!

I have fully enjoyed my summer of fun, surprises, and laughter. I got to visit my ex mission companion. She came down from Chinle, AZ to tour good ole LA. She and 2 friends got the oppertunity to drive down here to see all the sites of CA. I drove down to Anaheim to Downtown Disney and we walked around and laughed and made fun of each other and caught up on life. I enjoyed it! I missed her a bunch! This last week we had an enjoyable time as a family. We got alot done for the wedding. My mom is a trooper, she is working hard! My Aunt and Uncle drove down to our house this weekend and we went to a concert in the park. It was a beatles cover band and it was fun, but the electricity went out half way through it was kinda funny! But we enjoyed it! I am ready for fall to start and then winter and spring to come around. This year has been going great, but i cant wait till next year, its going to be the best year of my life! oh yeah!

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