Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bringing Down the Powers of Heaven

Wk# 8

Hey Yall!

It was good to hear from you all! I love to hear all about how you’re all doing. The mission this week was way out of whack! We had Our Zone conference yesterday and I had to attend a Leadership Mtg. We got wailed on by President for the lack of work. It was crazy, I didn’t realize how intense it is to hold a leadership position! CRAZY! It was a good Zone Conference though, we had a lot to go over and President gave us a lot of challenges, but it is totally possible to complete them!

So Claudia passed her Baptismal Interview. I know I came to Texas to baptize her. I have never felt a stronger love for a family than I have for theirs! We had a sister’s conference and we all came together as sisters in the mission to have a little lunch and spiritual lesson, it was great! So Oscar the man from Guatemala- He smokes and drinks coffee. So I gave up soda for him... it will be good for me! NO DIET COKE!

So I got sick of listening to excuses this week about why people won’t listen to me when I knock on their door...So o got bold and said:

Me: Hi I’m a missionary from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Do you know why we are here on earth?

Him: Uh no
Me: So you can get baptized in this church, you need to be baptized and I’m here to baptize you.... What’s your phone number?

Him: hum... ok ... (then he gave me his number)

I got guts :)

I am jealous of the Clippers game! haha! Also Brooke you should write the elders in TX, they keep bugging me to have you write them. I’m just telling you now you will like Elder Hatch more, just email him please! Mom, don’t worry about the thing to Preston, no big deal I wrote him a letter instead!

Things are moving slowly and the Lord is helping me in every way I need! I finished the Doctrine and Covenants and the Pearl of Great Price this week! I am so excited to start the BOM!

Mom I can’t find Grandma Dawn's address, can you let me know what it is? Tell her I love her and I say hi!

I have had to use my credit card like once a week. I hope you don’t kill me, we are only given 150 a month and with the costs in TX and the fact that we are required to eat out with our district and zone once a week... it’s expensive! But we are starting to get fed more by members which it nice! I hope you have a good trip in Utah! I hope the Blessing goes well, let me know if she is from the one and only amazing tribe of EPHRAIM! haha!

The mission is amazing and my testimony is growing every day, stronger and stronger! I have a strong testimony of the love our savior has for us, even the times we feel like we can’t go on the Lord always provides a way!

So we did some service this week and helped Claudia and Noe paint the kids room, it was fun we really enjoyed it, By the way, I ate cow face tacos... hahah don’t you love the weird stuff I eat... It was good! I hope you all are sill reading the scriptures and praying daily! I love you all!


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