Thursday, March 11, 2010


WK# 7

AHHH HI Ya'll!

Well the title of my e-mail very well fits my week! I'll explain in a minute!

So many amazing miracles happened this week and I don't know where to start! So Ill return the answers to the questions and emails I got from you all and then tell you about my week.

So to start off, are you all ok? I heard that there is going to be a horrific earthquake in Cali... knowing we live on the fault line I started to freak out, basically crying when a member told me about the terrible stuff happening because the Chile earthquake.

I have something to tell Brooke, tell her I have emailed her every week and just sent her letter the other day so simmer and stop crying about it! I love her and she knows it, that’s why today I just showed her picture to all the elders in my zone so she can have a missionary to write! So Brooke, write Elder Hatch... yes his name is Hatch! Eric Hatch... his email is (removed for privacy).... He is cute and will be home in 2 months to Utah and perfect for you! Also there is an Elder Bishop, my Zone Leader, he wants you to write him, just hand write my mission address but put Elder Bishop instead of my name!

Now that I have that taken care of and the Elders can stop bugging me, Brooke I want to tell you how proud I am of you and the desire you have to live the gospel. The Lord's plan for us is amazing and his atonement is available only if we take it into our lives. I want to know how your Patriarchal Blessing goes! Mine has been a source of comfort and love from the Lord in my life. In the CCM we were told to write down the blessings and the counsel in our blessing to help remind us of the things that will guide our lives!

So this week has been great, the weather is insane if you all only knew the craziness, So one day it was sunny I was so excited, FINALLY SUN! Then we go inside after working out and I shower and actually straighten my hair and then curled it with my curling iron, I was ready to get all tan and so I put on summer clothes and then after studies, I look outside... to my dismay, I here thunder, and I see lightening.... It was raining as hard as it did in Guatemala.... AHH you can imagine how I felt.... ha! I changed out of my white skirt and played in the rain lol! I love Texas and its randomness (guess what the word random doesn’t exist in Spanish, which is a bummer because I use it a lot.)

Dad, I can’t believe your birthday is already here again...guess what that means.... Mine is coming up haha! Remember how we would share a birthday cake ha. So I can’t believe its March madness... how is basketball going dad? Ok so are you ready for the top events for the week....

Drum roll please...
# 5) So we were going to our dinner apt (we get fed almost daily…who wouldn't want to have me over for dinner, haha) and we talk to whoever we see right?!? So there was this man and he was working on his car. We strike up a conversation with him and he was way random saying he has talked to missionaries before, yada yada yada... So we are sharing a bit with him and he stops us and said; " Donde esta JesuCristo" ( translated: Where is Jesus Christ?) ... Me having a sensitive humor, starts laughing... He was serious that’s the bad part. But the way he said it was so funny. I’m like WHAT... Well I guess in heaven... I’m dumbfounded by such a random question, and I start crying because I’m laughing so hard to the point that I had to excuse myself and walk away. Hna Vasquez had to finish the contact. Let me just tell you how I just laugh too much in the mission.

# 4) So today we went bowling as a Zone, I have the best Zone ever! We went bowling for skittles... It’s where you pick a skittle and then bowl according to a chart they make up, like if you get red you have to act like a ballerina then bowl, it’s hilarious. We had sooo much fun! I am actually feeling a little sick from eating too much skittles!

#3) So we were contacting before our apt last night and we were all denied at this house so we just keep walking. You know me and my loud voice can wake anything from the dead (the elders always make fun of me being so loud, I just say be glad you haven’t met my sister, she is louder). So we walked to the next house then all the sudden a turkey flies from the tree above us and then starts running. So I’m laughing, practically going to pee my pants it’s so funny. The best part is that Hna. Hinton starts chasing it with her camera. But she isn’t just chasing it she is walking like a turkey and making noises. I’m just rolling I’m dying of laughter... It was an interesting night!

#2) So, I set another Baptismal date! YAAY! Bringing souls unto God how great shall be my joy… It’s pretty great! So I have an investigator, FROM GUATEMALA! So we were teaching him one evening this week and had gone in there planning to set a date. We get to the door and I start freaking out... He made Platinoes fritos for me ... remember the big banana thing I made yall. I smelt it standing at the door, I was in heaven! So we get in there and teach him and Sister Hinton was “FABULOUS" and asked him to be baptized... The down fall is he is going to Guatemala for like 3 weeks, so we had to set it at the end of April. But we feel it’s perfect for him and we couldn't be more blessed! So we are just amazed the Lord really blesses sister missionaries haha!

#1) TEMPLE TRIP IN DALLAS! That’s all I have to say really! So we went to Dallas and did a session, the one time in the mission I can be completely selfish and pray for myself. I had a lot to enquire of the Lord, I was so inspired in so many ways. I have the most amazing testimony of the Temple. In my Patriarchal Blessing it said I would be like this…and I am. I can’t wait to go very often when I get home! My goal once a week! I couldn’t have been at more peace then when I enter the Holy house of the Lord. The Lord gives us such a marvelous opportunity in this life to do the work for our ancestors. By the way Elder Doss and I are in fact related....Through the McAllister family line...I have a packet of stories that he gave me to send ya so I will this week!

There is nothing more I want in life then to let you all know of my testimony of this Gospel of Jesus Christ. I have the strongest love for the Lord and the amazing miracles I get to witness daily. If you only could walk in my shoes for a day you could see the amazing witness of Christ I have become. I get to wear his name on my heart and become stronger every day through him. The atonement is such an amazing blessing in our lives; we all can be sealed to our spouse for time and all eternity and become heirs to the throne. The Plan of Salvation is key in our lives and some don’t even know it. I am so grateful to have this opportunity to teach, preach and work... as missionaries do. There is nothing I want more then to tell all the family who isn’t a member or who is but not active, this is the true church I testify it is, without a shadow of a doubt. But of course we Invite all to pray and know for themselves! I love my life! I love you all! Bryce good luck on your test!

Hermana Whitney Dawn Robbins

*** Preston- I got 2 of your letters finally after 7 weeks. I will be responding quickly, and about your email, and the recorder no worries I’ll take care of it. Look for fun stuff in the mail! Be good and work hard! ***

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