Thursday, March 4, 2010

In a trio companionship...AGAIN, but now Training.

WK# 6

Hey Family and Friends!

Well guess what! So I get a call this week about transfers that I and Sister Vasquez need to attend the “Trainer and follow-up trainer” meeting. Then later that night we get a call that we are co-training Sister Hinton... YES! SISTER HINTON and it was the best news ever! So we are her follow-up trainers and we love it! Sister Hinton and I are going to room at BYU-I when we get home, basically we are like sisters! I love it! The mission rocks! So here is my top 5!

5. A hick man with overalls and a straw hat chewed me out. I was contacting and I said I was a missionary and he said what are you selling and I was like “we’d like to talk to you about salvation.” He then chewed me out. He wanted to see my panhandling permit and wanted to basically make me feel stupid! I told him to simmer and I walked away.

4. So I saw a baptism that the Elders had in the English ward. The lady was black with weaved hair, and when she went under, her wig fell off, it was hilarious!

3. Its amazing…I am staying in Ft. Worth, we had transfers yesterday and I am training Sister Hinton... I told you that but it is a top priority!

2. I set a Baptism date with Claudia... Well we moved it up so she is getting baptized on the 20th and she is sooo excited! I am going to go to the temple a year from now and see them get sealed!

1. So our investigator was sent to the hospital last night. I had a feeling to call them to bring the men over from the ward to give them a blessing and strangely enough when I called his wife was crying, they had just taken him away to the hospital. Her daughter was hysterical and so we raced to the hospital with them and they gave the man a blessing. It was so spiritual and amazing. I love the mission.

It’s amazing that you’re doing the scripture challenge. I am going to the temple next week! yaay! Well I hope yall are doing great. I couldn’t be better! I am glad you enjoyed the pictures!


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