Thursday, April 30, 2009

"I even have started to forget some of my English"

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Thursday, April 30, 2009 9:36 AM Email

Hola Famila!I miss you all so much. How is the diet coming, and how is Bryce doing driving sally? This letter will be short but I’ll be sending a letter with it that is much longer! I am so glad you wrote me! I was having the hardest time. Chels wrote me on dear elder and I got it the next day so please use that to write, and please copy and paste this email to my blogs, I can’t use them in the mtc. I’ll send some pics with my letter, I can’t email them.

Well this has been the hardest week of my life. I couldn’t handle it at first, I don’t get along with my companion’s. We are like night and day so its very hard for me. I have two so they gang up on me and its not always fun but I try not to get offended. They are super straight laced to the point where one of them won’t say fart, only fluff. I try to be myself and they chastise me and tell me I’m not being obedient and I’m a bad missionary so its been hard for me to handle, but I am working on it.

I love the work and I’m picking up on my language pretty fast. Tuesday we taught in half Spanish and half English to an investigator. I can sing and pray and bear testimony in Spanish, its awesome. Even though I’ve been really frustrated its been interesting how I devote all my time to studying my scriptures, its different for me but I love it. I have to write a talk every week in Spanish and its been so goof for me. I have even started to forget some of my English.

Please send me a cd player or something even like a shower radio cd player or some small speakers with a cd player to plug it into. I can’t get it, and I need it. And also some Lysol, my roommate is way sick so I need some. I have to buy some dresses at the shop here because I don’t have enough skirts. My companions have like 6-10 skirts and i realized my black one is not mission approved after i washed it, lol, so I gotta figure something out. If you still have that receipt mom of the white JCPenney skirt maybe order me a black or brown one.
But its crazy like I don’t know what's going on in the world and I rely on hearsay, like I heard the Lakers won. I was super excited lol. Guess who I saw, Kessia Robinson from the old ward it was funny and I love my district if i haven't said that enough there are 3 sets of elders and then 5 sisters. We have a great teacher. Please write me Bryce, just go on dear elder. I miss you boy rub them!( twice) yo se que jesucristo nuestro renedor y salvador. yo se que de la inglesia de jesucristo de los santos de los ultimos dias es verdadro y la evangelio es verdadero, te amo mucho ( sorry its in spanish, try to figure it out lol, you probably cant translate it because its missing the accent marks).

I want you to read Mosiah chp 10, it’s awesome and also I want to tell you how much I love you all and need your support. I am going to be getting my flight plans today for my flight in 2 weeks. I get to call home in the airport on the 12th so be available so I can call home. I am running out of time but I will send you some more in a written letter. Tell Brooke I say hi! and she better write me. Oh, send me a pic of Debbie! Its so funny that some elders say they didn't have time to write because they went to the temple, its a lie, its because they didn't do laundry. I love you, say your prayers as a family and strive to be strong together through family scripture study and Family Home Evening so I can stay strong without the family and develop that bond with my companions. Try having a goal to complete the Book of Mormon as a family by the time I get home and highlight the different scriptures and give me a few a week to study that you loved!
te amo - Hermana Robbins
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  1. Sweet Pea, be careful and don't get the flu and don't forget I love you little one. It seems to me that you are so far away. Love You Grandma Godfrey (Marva Dawn Godfrey)