Sunday, May 3, 2009

"An Amazing Spiritural Experience Happened"

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Thursday, April 30, 2009 Letter

Hola Familia :)
So the computers in the laundry room are really bad, so I can't email this week, but I guess you can scan the letter or type it and send it to people. So this has been the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. At first I wanted to come home because I couldn't handle it. Then the second day an amazing spiritual experience happened.
Sister Magno, my roommate from the Philippines was very sick and so our district leader Elder Pratt offered to give her a blessing. We were in class, and keep in mind there are 3 sets of elders who are in my district who have never blessed anyone and I was having a terrible day because I don't relate to my companions and I'm required to teach in Spanish on Tuesday so I was harboring frustration, when all the elders stood up in the room and they said they will all bless her. So she was on the floor in pain, the elders knelt around her and placed a hand on her head. Elder Tolman administered the consecrated oil then Elder Pratt started the blessing. He then broke out in tears in overwhelming feelings of the spirit, then I started to cry along with all five other elders and four other sisters. After the blessing I had never felt the spirit so much in my life as this whole room of elders and sisters are crying. Then we all shared our feelings about it and bore our testimonies, it was awesome.
So Brent came in this week? I haven’t seen him yet! Tell Bre to write me! So this week Sister Magno fell down the stairs and face planted into my back end. It was funny and she is okay. Oh, send me a calendar, like a wall one. I’m loosing track of time. Maybe a Church one or something. I’m printing pictures but I don’t get them until Monday, so I’ll send them soon.

Hermana Robbins
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