Monday, June 8, 2009

Missionary Story by Hermana Katie Brandt serving in the Guatemala City South Mission

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"This week, Hermana Perez focused our attention on preparing Delmi to pass her baptismal interview. In some ways, I think maybe it was a good thing she didn't pass the interview the first time because she was able to see the baptism of her sister and realize that it´s nothing to be nervous about. After she saw Lili baptized, she was so excited. I´ve never heard her talk so much since we started teaching her. As a result it was easier to prepare her. We passed by every day to review the baptismal interview questions. Then, one day we brought our district leader to teach with us so that he could win her trust. We have a new district leader, Elder Lopez from Peru. He was previously a zone leader, so he has lots of experience interviewing. When we invited him to teach with us, we decided to play a game. I was in charge of the game, so I taught them all how to play Pictionary. I had them draw words from the baptismal interview. It worked like magic. Everyone was laughing and relaxed. Apparently none of them had played anything like it before. Delmi passed her interview, and Saturday was the baptism. We passed by early with her to help her get ready (her mother passed away some years ago and she lives with her sister, but she doesn't really receive that much attention). My companion helped her bathe...I felt a little like we were in the middle of ¨The Other Side of Heaven¨ when the missionaries bathe Tomasi, only we were helping bathe a child. After she bathed, we helped pick eggs from lice out of her hair. She looked very pretty afterwords, but the best part was to see her excitement for the ordinance she was to receive and to know that she understood the importance of it. She was so happy. I love to see the faith of children. I can see why the Savior loved little children. They have such a desire to believe and to do what´s right."

Delmi is the child in front and Hermana "Katie" Brandt is on the right.

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