Monday, June 29, 2009

"He started crying during the First Vision and....

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Hey Familia!

I miss you all so much. Oh my gosh so much has happened I don’t even know where to start. Well I had divisional I believe the last time I wrote and so I went and it was a blast I had 2 Latino companions and they were great. Until I had lunch and then I ate cow balls and was sick for 3 days strait! lol its funny I know I died lol.

I taught a man who was a grandpa and he let us in and we taught the first lesson and he started crying during the first vision and said he knows it’s true it was great. It rained so much that afternoon it was insane! I was soaked, it rained through my umbrella! Well I’m in the field now in Lomas North, it’s in the city, and I have a difficult companion. I’m having a worse experience with this one than with hna Allen preaching to me... She is from St George her name is Hna Lott. She has been here 13 months and she is way strict and I have really shut down when it comes to being myself because she always chastises me for being animated. She talks trash about her old comp so I hope she doesn't talk about me. She tells me I’m wrong all the time it’s frustrating but the lord has blessed me with amazing patience. I live in a garage... you would die if you saw where I live; actually I died for the first few days lol. So here you can’t flush the paper right so you just wipe and put it in the trash (that was Jackie's question) lol.

I would love if you sent me copies of those pictures they are cute and the cat Molly is so cute! So I’m in a super poor area its crazy and I’m so humbled by this experience. I got called out at zone conf for talking to that district leader I told you about, elder white. He mentioned me in his testimony and now everyone thinks stuff, it’s pathetic. I just think of you and dad getting called out for talking its, pathetic ha.

It’s funny here because pointing your finger at someone means the “f “ word to your mother and stuff, it’s crazy so I’m trying to adapt. I have had the hardest time adapting to the culture most of all. I have a cook and we only eat eggs and beans lol. My Spanish was really good till I hit a wall and lost it all and I think its slowly coming back but it’s a struggle. The lord has blessed me with a family to teach in my area. The Castillo Famila; Edwin, Nancy and their 3 kids. The only problem is they are not married so we have to wait but they are golden. I got a letter from Vanessa with Chels wedding pics and I just loved it. Tell Jess I got her email and I wrote her a letter she should get it soon I hope. I can’t wait for Grandma Dawn's package! Thanks so much! I'll let you know when I get it. I am glad to hear from you Brooke. I love you and you hang out with Brittan please he needs friends! And tell that fool to write me!

Mom in that package would you send me some peds the nylon socks in black and tan. I don't have to wear nylons here and it’s like 6 bucks for one pair here. I am going to put all my pics on a cd and send it home with the ties. I will get scripture covers made for the family for Christmas. I only get 210 quetz a month for personal use and that's like golly nothing in American money like 40 bucks maybe, its 8 quetz to one dollar, you do the math. Oh and send a mosquito net for my bed please!

Our area was white washed so it’s been crazy trying to figure out the area. The ‘Area-Book’ sucks so we have struggled finding the investigators. We have 600 members but only 90 are active its so sad. I heard Michael Jackson died and that's all people are playing here now in his memory but I didn't know Farrah died too, so sad.I want you to check my hotmail account often so it doesn't close. Oh and I’ll probably pull out some money today because they didn't give us money today so I’m going to try and use my card maybe pull out 40 bucks American money. I looked at my blog, it’s cute. Thanks so much but I think you forgot that I was in a trio and there was the three of us, not just hna Allen, but hna Farnsworth too lol. I love what you did with the blog it’s nice. In case I didn't tell you P-day is Monday now. Oh and if you wanted to know who I was talking about Elder White is the elder in the picture in the back of my district pic on my blog with the brown hair the tall one in the back behind the elder with the red tie. He is related to my comp through marriage. Their siblings are married it was funny to hear about her from him and then I am her companion now.

I know I’m so scattered with my thoughts. I haven't been able to express my feelings since I have been out here and I really just wanted to type. I want you all to still keep reading the BOM I know you’re slacking but you need to stay strong for me. I need you to also do FHE and keep our family strong. I am curious to know how the diet is coming...Did you two give up? Guess what coke isn't allowed at all so no more it sucks lol. Anyways, I love you. I’ll write next week! Send me pics, I want that the most and the tape of your voices!

Hermana Robbins

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