Tuesday, June 16, 2009


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Tuesday, June 16, 2009 Email

Hey it’s me!
Oh I loved the pictures, ah they were great. I want copies of all of them! Okay, where to start... Well last week was great and it’s so crazy that I’m going in the field a week from today, ahh so crazy!
I got your package...Oh my gosh mom it was awesome and oh my it was a crazy trip getting it. I had to go into town to pick it up and so I went with the teacher to the post office an hour away so that was a crazy trip in its self and the package was leaking with shampoo lol. Well the cap of the dove broke off and got all over, but I was able to save a lot of it. But mom I just love you thanks so much!

Okay so in sacrament this Sunday my president called me up to speak and so I get up there and I’m like okay, I can do this, and my talk was on diligence. So I start talking really slow and I come up on a word and I’m like, Oh! Crap! I don't know how to say this and so I sound it out... and then I’m like uhhh and then the Latinos start shouting words so what do I do... push the microphone to the side and lean over the pulpit and start asking the sisters in the front row for help I’m like WHAT? HOW DO YOU SAY IT? OH! Then I leaned back over and I pushed the microphone up and keep going. At this time the whole congregation is rolling off their seats laughing. Then I come up to another word and I don't know it so I ask the second counselor, but he was too busy looking at the spider crawling on the stage that was as big as my hand, it was crazy. So that was the funny story of the week.

The Latinos love me more this week than the last group its bad, lol. They are always calling my name and are like “Hermana Robbins...We wanna practice our English with you.” My companion would say to them; “Go practice with an elder and leave her alone!” lol.

I was so glad to see pictures of Brooke. I’m dying at how big Bryce is and your new glasses Bryce are hot! Oh, I bought ties for dad and Bryce they are sweet with the Guatemalan temple on it, you will love it. I can’t believe the Lakers won! President Christensen leaned over to me today and said; “Hey, Hermana Robbins, Lakers 4-0!” I just about died lol. He gave me updates every game!

I get to go to the field in a week and I have splits tomorrow in my mission. I went to the temple today for the last time in 3 months it was sad! My companion keep making fun of me they think I’m going to marry our district leader. I wanna hear from Jess, tell her not slack! I wrote Chels and so she should get one soon. I got Aunt Robin's letter too, tell her thanks!

Oh, so I have been really into searching the scriptures about the atonement it’s been so awesome. Reread 3 Nephi 11 again if it’s been awhile. Uh I don’t think I have lice yet but I should be ok if I am careful but I never know. Oh yesterday we had an English fast so we only spoke Spanish...It was sooo hard! But I did well. Oh and I’m singing tonight again ha it will be interesting! Okay, I love you. Send more picture’s in a word format so I can open it and see it on pages, you know what I mean? I love you all the church is true! Read the scriptures and pray often!

Love, Whit
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