Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"I have had this barrier with the scriptures"

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009
Hey, how's it going! I just finished reading the email you sent me - it was good to have a recent letter from you, I’ll accept emails as long as it is all combined but try not to keep it too long. I was glad to hear about your trip to CO and I want pictures of it all! I got the package from dad and my companions say thanks for the candy, we were dying. I have had it up to my eyes with the food here and enough with the puréed beans ewwww! Okay so I hope I remember what to say...Because I forget the stuff in the letters!

I hope your keeping a copy of the emails I send and the ones you send. I did feel the earth quake and it was not bad here but we all have flashlights in our rooms and the president is doing well with handling it all. I was so out of it that I hardly felt anything. I got a letter from Man Yu, you know my Asian friend from Snow College, and it was awesome. Brooke and Bryce stop slacking and write me! I am glad you got my card dad it was all I could do I wasn't able to get a card!
Well this week was good. On Monday we went to las colinas which in Spanish means the hills and I hiked in the jungle and spiders attacked me and if it wasn't for some of the elders I would have died, but it was way cool though. My comp got bed bugs and gave them to me lol sick huh, so I have to spray down all my stuff today. I think the cats name should be ... la luz it mean the light ... or gato it means cat, or uhhh, I don’t know, think of something good and send me a picture.

I wrote a letter to the Young Women (YW) and I’m sending it home. Have them read it to the girls Sunday when you get it. I hope that all is well I’m glad that the Crozier’s are moving back. I have gotten letters from people saying the blog is nice. I keep getting repeated dear elders. Its okay if you sign my jury paper I don’t care! Uh I am going in the field again next Wednesday to the north mission, ahh so scary. You shouldn’t send anymore letters the GUA-MTC since I leave in 2 weeks. For now on send my letters and packages here:
Whitney Robbins
Guatemala Guatemala City North Mission
5a Avenida 5-55, Edificio Euro Plaza
15 avo. Nivel, Oficina 1504, Zona 14
Guatemala City, C. A.

Oh and guess what so I got new roommates and they don't know how to use anything even to flush the toilet. Its crazy they are locals and they’ve never used a washing machine so I taught them and they saw me use my hair straighter, and so they asked to use it. Well, because of the head lice problems here I didn’t want them to use it, but I don't know how to lie in Spanish yet so I let them, and then I had to sterilize it, and then I lied the next time. But its crazy how the culture is so different.

Tell Vanessa I’m proud of her for the choice to serve a mission and that I can’t wait to hear where she is going. Uh I wrote Brittan a letter last week so tell him he should be getting a letter some time this week. I also loved the note from Grandma Dawn and I’m glad to hear from her! Uh my companions are good and I can’t believe I’m getting a new one here in 2 weeks I have been with these two for 7 weeks...I feel like we are sisters.
So what's the plans this summer... Any cruises you’re going on without me? Ha I’ll kill you if you do! Uh I hope the weight loss is going well and the scripture reading as well. I have had this wicked head cold all week and its no bueno pero, its ok I guess, I’m getting better day by day. I know this letter is supper scattered, I have not a lot of time so its really random.
Since I have been here I have had this barrier with the scriptures and I don't know as much as I would like and a lot of the missionaries know all the stories and stuff. So I started to re read it with a map of the land that my president made for us, and I understand it, and I’m able to retain the stories I read. Its been awesome how much I love the scriptures especially the Book of Mormon. Its the most amazing book! I have been told I’m very good at knowing the scriptures and I can pull out a scripture randomly, so that's good.
I love you all and I hope all is well. Chels write me or I’ll smack you, and Jess I hope the baby is ok! Send my love to everyone….Go Lakers!
I love this church and the gospel!
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  1. geez I swear I have written her a few dear elders lately and she keeps telling me to write her.....i wonder if she's getting them?! good work Tracie on the blog, its so fun to read! love ya!