Monday, February 15, 2010

It snows in Texas! HOLY HANNAH!

WK# 3

Buenas Mi Familia!

Awesomeness! I love being in this Mission, well in the mission in general! Things went well this week with Claudia. Well we taught her and Noe and it was so spiritual. The whole atmosphere of the house was great, the kids were calm and the spirit was there testifying. We talked about the plan of salvation and we told Noe to prepare to baptize his wife. So next week we are setting a date with her! So I woke up to 5+ inches of snow this morning! I can't believe it! I am freezing! My knees are having a hard time with the cold actually and I had to get a blessing at district meeting yesterday. But the Lord will help me and I have faith!

So here is my TOP FIVE for the week!

5. I wore sweat pants under my skirt this week and I looked like a doofus but it was hilarious! I can pull anything off that looks ridiculous haha that was proof!

4. We were tracting and a little boy answered the door and yelled "STRANGER DANGER" and slammed the door. Then the next house was a Gay man who was super flamin and he was absolutely not interested, let's just say door knocking was funny this week.

3. This guy who was 100% high on weed was standing in the street and sister Checkett goes to talk to him. She was super into the contact and I'm just dying. He smelt and his eyes were red and he was just out there. Well he stops looking at her and steps towards me and turns his head and was like "hey, you're alright, and you're cute" .... I was trying not to laugh just imagine me just dying. I just said; alright and walked away. haha

2. We got a flat tire and guess who changed it? ME! haha Thanks dad for teaching me how to change a tire at 16!

1. I have a second Baptism for the month! Yaay! So this lady from Brazil was being taught by the elders, but her husband hated it so we were sent to teach in English to her. To make a long story short, she has been investigation for 3 years and her husband gave her permission. I challenged her to baptism and she has a date set for the 21st! OH YA

So this week was fantastic as you can tell the Lord loves his missionaries! Sister Vasquez had surgery this week on her back so we have to stay inside our apartment. Elder Rank says hi, I'm with him right now. He is our District leader and knows Elder Saena, such a small world. I'm working on writing individual letters to the family so you should get one of your own this week.

So get this our 5th Sunday lesson 2 weeks ago was hilarious I forgot to tell ya. So we are in there and the Bishop is teaching. There are 7 missionaries. The topic is how to have a better relationship with your spouse. We were like uhh, but sat down anyways. The bishop says I don't know why you are here but okay, so we just stayed. He starts talking about how it's important to do stuff for each other then starts talking about sexual stuff and we were all like OMG! We all stood up and walked out and everyone in the room just died laughing! Mom they have Hobby Lobby here! I want to go in so bad! haha I'd be too tempted to spend money though haha! Well, I want to challenge the family, I want you all to read D & C and the Pearl of Great Price and highlight repentance, faith and anything to do with the atonement. I want you to do it by my Birthday! You will gain a stronger testimony for the gospel and I promise if you do the family will receive blessings. I love you all have a fantastic week!

Hermana Robbins

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