Thursday, February 25, 2010


WK# 5

Buenas Mi Familia!

Goll I have soo much to tell you all! Ok I’m going to try and keep it short though because I want to download pics on to my flash drive so I can send it home! We had emergency transfers this week, another sister went home early and Sister Checketts left for another area! So its just sister Vasquez and I! I LOVE IT!

Hermana Robbins' Top 5 de la semana~

#5 So I tracted into a F-LDS Man. He went off about how he was a member of the church and has been his whole life. But a month ago a branch from the church broke off and he has joined the “Mormon life Church" It was hilarious. He was a big man, and at first he wanted us to come in and talk to him, but we couldn’t so we sat outside. He just blabbed about a bunch of nothing until I was like well sir we can send the Elders over but other than that have a great day. He was like can you leave with a prayer and I said ya. So he puts his hands out and said hold my hands lets pray. I was like uhh we don’t pray like that! haha Then he was like ok then you tell me how to pray... we explained how and got out of there!

#4- We had our baptism this week on Saturday of Steven Mendoza, the little boy. It was so good. We sang a musical number and I gave a talk on Baptism. Sometimes talking in Spanish is a little scary but I was perfectly fine and just talked, my Spanish is getting better! It was awesome I’ll send ya pictures asap!

#3 We had a lesson with Claudia and Noe. It was fantastic. I basically took over the lesson and just put my whole heart and soul in it and she is going to be baptized in March. We watched the Last 15 minutes of the Movie the Testaments and then we talked about Lesson 3 (the principles of the gospel) it was super spiritual and amazing. I love that lady so much! I hope I can see them get sealed!

#2 So I got my package from Auntie Robin, It was awesome and my Zone just loved that the Heart Candies were in Spanish. She sent me a whole valentine’s package! I have gotten more for Valentines in the mission than any time in my life, I’m always going to be a missionary now!

#1 Ok so don’t judge my retardedness! So we were contacting and I found a guy getting out of his car. There was another person in the distance, with a big fluffy marshmallow jacket. (I couldn’t tell if it was a boy or girl) So I’m talking to the man about the Restoration and telling him my testimony of the prophet and what not. The man was from Cambodia, with a thick accent! I could hardly understand him but the conversation went like this:

Me: So this is the message we share about the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.

(Person in jacket walks up)....

Me: Oh sir is that your wife?
Man with accent: No that’s my Uncle
Me: Oh it’s your Mom.
Hna Vasquez: Fool that’s his UNCLE!
Me: OH MY....

I turn around and just start crying, I was laughing so hard I was crying. You know how I get when something is toooo funny and I just laugh to the point I cry. Well then Sister Vasquez tried to end the contact while I was walking away, then she starts laughing and we both run to the other side of the street... PATHETIC! IT WAS SOO NOT COOL I KNOW~ hahah

So ya that was my week! Mom, I can’t believe you’re packing up my room, mean! haha No don’t worry about sending me anything! You’re wrong it snowed again Monday! It’s very cold! Oh and thanks for sending me the update on Janae! I haven’t heard from him since I got in the mission so it worries me! I am glad that the family had fun at the Birthday party! How is the D&C Challenge? Are you all reading? I hope so, I’m almost done with it all. I love you all and keep up the good work, spread the gospel and share your testimony!

-Hna. Whitney Dawn Robbins

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