Monday, August 3, 2009

Lomas Del Norte Barrio Ward

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Monday, July 27, 2009
Hola Familia,

Our baptism yesterday was awesome. The Lord works in mysterious ways, and so does Satan. So on Friday we couldn’t find the family anywhere and we still lacked a lesson and we were freaking out. So we leave a note and decide we will come back on Saturday the day of the baptism, but we will skip our study for the day and focus on our baptism. So we go to find them and they were not there. We were like oh no so we call her cell 4 times and wait for 40 min at their door and we are like man Satan is working on them. But as we are walking away from the pay phones I said a prayer and then we heard... Hey sisters and we turned around and 10 minutes before their baptism we find them. They were buying shoes and new clothes for their baptism. Well it ended up being awesome and I sang the musical number but I lost my voice the day before and so it was bad but the day went well.

I am in the Lomas Del Norte Barrio Ward. The church buildings are just like ours in many ways like you can tell it’s our church by the look of it. It has a fence with barbed wire around it and all tile floors. The windows here aren’t ones like ours they are slats of glass and you turn a knob at the bottom and there is like 10 slats in one window and they all crack open so you can get some air flow because there is no AC unit. There are no benches in the chapel it’s all fold down chairs.

I get my new comp next Monday the 3rd; I won’t have p-day so I don’t know if I’m writing next week. I miss milk it’s all powdered here. I miss boneless chicken its all the bone stuff even in your tacos, you bite into bones its sick. The way they raise the chickens here they are really pink and when you cook them, they are rubbery, its sick lol. I miss the candy and omg RANCH there is no salad dressings here. I miss a lot of stuff…Don’t get me started.

Our mission goal is to have 140 contacts a week and a lot of times we don’t make it because we are teaching lessons but we try to contact every day. My Spanish is better. I understand more and it’s not as bad as before, but it’s still hard. Well this week has been crazy. It’s so true the gospel is so important, especially about families being eternal. The lord blesses us with so much especially our lives and the opportunity to be here as a family. The second principle in preach my gospel is the gospel of Jesus Christ blesses families and it’s so true.

I can’t believe you’re going on a cruise! I hope you book an Alaskan one or something for when I come home! You all SUCK! Or even Mexican Riviera, I’ll be able to talk to the people. It’s funny that Debbie and Molly play together. I really miss noel! I’m praying for the Latham’s, I hope they are okay. Let Bryce know I’m sorely upset with him. It’s been over a month since he has written me and I have written him 2 or 3 times...and nothing! Give him my email address and tell him to write me!

I am glad you got a new calling it’s about time. I hope you do better than they do here with their callings. There is like no one in our ward and no one has callings. We have to tell the bishop how it’s supposed to be and help him redo the church records in the computer because it’s all done wrong, it’s funny.

I can’t believe the computer died again, I swear it’s the Habbo or something, and there is no way it can crash that soon. You need to just invest in a Mac. I hear they are so much better than a PC, but I don’t know. I’m glad to hear that food ex is doing well. I have an idea with the diet move to Guatemala and walk at least 10 miles a day, lol, I have lost like 10 lbs or more, all my clothes are falling off of me lol, that’s a good way to lose weight. I would eat the nutria system food lol, it’s better than some of the stuff here.

That is awesome the missionaries at home are practicing by teaching members the discussions. I would recommend studying the lessons and have them use visual aids about each bullet point in all 5 lessons. Tell the missionaries to make flip charts. I am glad to hear your treating the missionaries well to the point where they want pictures with you, that’s a good sign you’re good to them. I love you all and I don’t think I’ll have pday next week because of changes but hold firm to the iron rod and say your prayers. I hope all is well and give the missionaries references!


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