Monday, August 10, 2009

"My New Companion's Rock"

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Monday, August 10, 2009
Hey, Hey, Hey!

Q: Do you have warm showers there too?
A: Yes

Q: Are you living in an apt or with members?
A: No, we live alone in an apartment, I’ll send pictures.
Q: So what is your new area like?
A: It’s the smallest area in the mission and the picture’s you sent me are of my area, ha, the last one was down from my house I live in 75c, I don’t know the street but it’s in colonia molina or molino I don’t know which it is lol but ya zone 6.
Q: How are the members there?
A: I miss the members from my previous area, but they are awesome here too.
Q: What kind of people have you found the Guatemalan people to be?
A: Some are hard hearted and some are very humble. They are loving people once they know you and they are very heartfelt and will do anything for you.
Q: How are your living conditions now and are you getting along well with your companion's?
A: I love my comps they are great. (Moms note: She now has two comps; one older sister who has two children, and one who is 21, both are Latino and speak no English).
Q: Since you have to cook now, who does the cooking?
A: We all cook separately and I cook both types of food; from the U.S. and Guatemalan.
Q: Do you have a Kitchen?
A: Yes, it’s small though.
Q: Is your apartment better than the last one?
A: Yes, its an actual apartment not a garage.
Q: Are you able to go back to your old area for the baptism?
A: No, but I think it went well.
Q: How far away did you get transferred?
A: I’m about 30 minutes away from the last area.

Okay, wow this week has been insane! I live in the smallest part of the mission right now which covers 6 streets and that’s it. I have 2 amazing companions and I’m actually teaching them English its awesome, I love them so much. I have been getting better at my Spanish. It’s good to hear everything is good at home. How is Heidi Porter’s dad Chuck doing, and the Latham’s too? NO, I didn’t get my packages. They are starting a new thing where we only get our packages at zone conferences so I have to wait till next week. I know it sucks ha! I am excited for them though. It’s so awesome that the family is doing well. Here there was a parade yesterday for all the Catholics, it’s so weird.

I’ll write more next week in detail. It’s so hard to think when I’m forced to cram my thoughts. Hna Lott was moved back to Jr companion and moved to the jungle, and not to train anymore. But my new companion's rock.

Love you,

Whitney purchased this "Tree of Life" plaque

The Castillo Family

and Whitney and Hermana Lott withthe family that they taught and was baptized.

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  1. Hey Whitney, digo Hermana Robbins - habla tu prima Caprene. Prefieres que te hable en espanol o en ingles? Que' raro por me que escribes en un blog como misionera. Cuando estaba sirviendo en la mision, nos permitio' escribir por email por dos, capaz tres meses, y de repente, nos saco' la derecha. Entones durante la mision, tenia que escribir por mano todas las cartas que mande' a mis familia y amigos. Me gusta que empieza con las preguntas y respuestas. Recuerdo las preguntas que recibi'a durante la mision. Puedes duchar/banar? (y la verdad es que servi' en areas donde con suerte, duchabamos una vez por semana. ick!) Y que esta's comiendo o aprendiendo cocinar? Hay muchos peros y vacas? Esta's mas alta de la gente. (y la respuesta que di yo, "Si'". Y si fuera asi por me, suponga que tendra's la misma respuesta.)
    Buena. Me hace feliz que esta's sirviendo con la gente de Guatemala y que te gustan tus companeras ahora.
    Mucha suerte!
    Caprene (y lo siento por los acentos. No escribir con los caracteres espanoles en un blog)