Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Returned with Honor

SO this has been a crazy and very quick week. I was walking down the side of a mountain in my area and there were some steep stairs and i ended up injuring my right knee at first. I stepped down the step and it popped and then locked up. I ended up seeing a orthopedic surgeon and he told me to keep working and so i did. to make a long story short i worked on it and i was putting all the weight on my other leg and then the same thing happened to the other knee, it popped and locked up so i couldnt bend it. I ended up laying in bed for 5 days and putting ice and heat and taking ibprofen and it still hurt and i couldnt hardly walk at all. I called my president and it all went so fast, he called my doctor and he said ill need a MRI and surgery on both knees. So my president called Salt Lake and then they made the decision that I needed to go home for knee surgery. Monday morning my President called me and said that i needed to pack my bags he called my bishop and stake pres. and Salt Lake and I was going to go home and be released as a missionary right when i get home. I cried for ever and packed up and flew home all yesterday. Im able to walk a bit but I have been in a wheel chair when we go places. I will try and post updates on my surgery. But as for returning to Guatemala I most likely will be serving in the states in a car mission if the Lord will have me serve again. I am looking forward with every blessing i have received and greatful for the atonement and that the Lord knows how i feel.I am having a pretty hard culture shock and I was released last night as a full time missionary but I returned with honor and I have learned that as long as we have faith in the Lord things will work out.

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  1. Whitney - Thinking of my girl friends who served missions, many of them experienced health issues - mostly hips and knees. Many of them ended up serving much of their missions stateside so they could have better medical care. I often wonder what would I have happened if I'd been forthcoming about how sick I was with the parasites during my mission. Good luck with your recovery and the decisions you'll be making now.