Monday, August 3, 2009

Transferred to Molina

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Monday, August 3, 2009
Hey fam,

This week has been super crazy. I got changed today to Molina. I’m not sure what zone it is but it’s in the city. I’m companions with actually 2 people. I have an older women as a comp, she is from Costa Rica, her name is Hna Oreomundo, she has 2 kids and she is super sweet always trying to help me out. My other comp is 23, she is from el Salvador. Her name is Hna Castillo. I’m terrified lol they don’t speak English, lol, but my Spanish is progressing well. Some days it’s so hard and others I can socialize just fine. I have a small area; I guess it’s only 5 streets, but I’m not sure as it’s only my first day.

I’m glad you liked your package, the ties are cool huh. I will make sure I get a wrap around skirt so you can adjust the size, lol. I laughed so hard when your letter said “quiero eso” (I want that) lol, it actually made sense. The pictures on my camera of the elders are funny, yes that is Elder White, that stinker is funny, he was always stealing my camera and taking random pictures, you should see the ones I have now of him they are classic; Elder Fetters mom would love them I’m sure. How is Elder Fetters? Tell him not to slack (ha) and write Elder White.
I fasted for the Latham’s. I’m glad they are doing well. I’m glad the ward is doing well and that Andrew looks good. I haven’t heard from them at all. Pouch is no longer working through Salt Lake and we are only getting our packages like every week so, I won’t get it for a while I think, I don’t know. Bryce thanks for writing me, I sent you and Brooke mail today with an elder who is going home he lives in the valley. I’m super excited for my packages from everyone. I think I need to buy stamps from here now since pouch doesn’t work but I don’t know.

Oh so one cool experience I had was I was bearing my testimony to a family and while I was talking the spirit was so strong like it wasn’t me speaking. I was just crying and speaking Spanish it was awesome.

I love you all and wish me luck with this area and week. I will be cooking for myself so we will see how it goes; I don’t have a cook anymore. Oh, I learned how to make tortillas it was cool.
Love you all,
Hna- Robbins
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