Monday, August 17, 2009

"This is Satan giving you doubts"

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Hola Familia,

So this week has been great. I had a Baptism on Saturday.

Julio Claviria, he is the last of his family to be baptized. He has 3 children and has been investigating for over a year. We had his date set and he was shaky about it so I did what you did mom on your mission and I did the prayer circle and we all knelt and prayed one by one and the spirit was strong and then after we talked about how we felt and about baptism and then he said he wanted one more month. The lord was working on me and I just shouted out… "this is just Satan giving you doubts. This is a family that the lord wants to be eternal and the devil is working hard to keep you from being baptized." I didn’t realize how blunt I was until after when his wife started crying and bearing her testimony about how I was exactly right and her husband needs to be baptized. A few minutes later he finally said ok ya this is the right thing to do, I need to be baptized, this was on Thursday.

Friday we had his interview and Saturday was his baptism. The spirit was so strong; I had never felt that way at a baptism before. I was so overwhelmed with the Lord´s love and I wasn’t even getting baptized. I sang the musical number nearer my god to thee. This man in the ward has the talent to just play melodies of music to all the hymns. He can’t read music and so he just plays and I sang a beautiful rendition of the song along with 6 other hymns because everyone wanted me to keep singing. It was amazing how strong the spirit works. I’m sure that’s why I was able to sing so well. Then his family bore their testimonies and it was just amazing.

I got your packages and loved the tape; I already used up one tape and I’m starting another. I didn’t realize how much I really talk, I talked a whole side to just Brooke, ha, but thank you so very much for the packages I got both on the same day. My comp says hey dad where is my Lakers shirt, lol, but golly it was so awesome, thanks so much its exactly what I love, it’s amazing how well you know me mom. I love the chalk idea I know exactly who to use it with and I still want the peds, yes! Oh jerk Brooke I was thinking about applying for BYU I when I get home, ha we can be roommates. Happy Birthday to you Brooke, I hope you got my card in the mail by now.

Some random stuff: A guy I knew from school has returned home from his mission and I'm told that he's still mean to people like before his mission. A talk I heard from Jeffery R Holland has to do with that and how you need to change on the mission, and if you change back when you get home, it was a waste. So I got a water burn on my hand from washing my clothes by hand if that’s even possible, lol, ya but everything else is great and I can’t really think of more to say about what’s going on.

Love you all and I am glad you’re treating the missionaries so well!


Questions & Answer...

From MOM:
Q: So how is it going with your comps?
A: It’s going awesome and I love them more and more every day.
Q: Is Hna Oremundo still helping you out a lot?
A: Yes they both help me out.
Q: Is her name Oreomundo or Oreamuno?
A: It’s Oreamuno; they spelt it wrong on her plaque.
Q: There’s a picture of a Hna Oreamuno on the Torres blog standing with Pres and wife, is she your companion?
A: Ya, that picture is of Hna Oreamuno and in the middle is Hna Torres and Presidente.
Q: How long has your other companion, Hna Castillo, been out in the mission?
A: Hna Castillo has been out 13 months in the mission and is awesome.
Q: Who is senior companion?
A: Hna Castillo is because Hna Oreamuno and I entered the mission at the same time.
Q: What is your apartment like?
A: It’s the nicest apartment in the mission right now. Its 3 rooms a bathroom and kitchen. I took photos I'll send them home.
Q: Do your companions email family at home too?
A: Ya, and Hna Oreamuno gets to call home like once a month too, lucky!
Q: So what American meals have you cooked for them? Did they like it?
A: I have been making my own food for myself, but tonight we have a FHE and are doing a food around the world with our investigator neighbor and so I have to figure out what to make. They don’t use ovens here so I don’t know what I can make, we will see.
Q: Are you becoming accustomed now with the differences and feeling more comfortable with your surrounding?
A: Ya, I have adapted well and gotten used to the dirt floors and make shift homes.
Q: Have you had to do any Karate chops to any men in the neck yet, ha?
A: I haven’t quite had to chop off heads, but gotten close to a slap in the face of one man who grabbed my butt on the bus. Presidente says your chastity is lost when you get on the bus because you have to be so close to everyone, it’s funny and so true.

From DAD:
Q: Do you get a chance to relax or is it mostly shopping, laundry, and letters ?
A: All of the above ha we can’t play basketball and soccer anymore because of too many fights with elders and too much contact, sad I know. But ya we go to the mall and go shopping for food, that’s where they have food…Funny I know.
Q: Do you hear much from my family, Grandma, Robin, Scott?
A: No. I hear more from mom’s mom and Uncle Scott, and I have gotten one letter from Uncle Paul. But I hear from Scott the most. While I was in the MTC I got like 5 or 6 letters from Scott. I’d like to email him now instead of sending hand written letters.

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