Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"I will probably get lice here, everyone does!"

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hey hey hey!

Hey, how's it going? I loved the letters! So its crazy here you wouldn't believe how much we have done here. Its very different here compared to the other MTC. I have been doing so much. I have taught in Spanish several times and guess what happened this week, ok so I had the great idea to go to the temple. Here we have to be escorted by security with guns or teachers, and so our teacher took our district to the temple and so she gave us pamphlets and said we have to place them and get 3 referrals. So my comps and I talked to a man and they for some reason froze up, I was the only one talking, and I bore my testimony and talked about eternal families and gave him a pamphlet, and he was so receptive. I got his address and everything, it was awesome... Okay so here is the question answering time:

I have the same companions, but a different district. Its the 3 of us and elder Fetters, elder White, elder Fusi, and elder Hess. ( PS: email elder Fetters mom and tell her she should be so very proud of her son. He is the district leader with his companion elder White and they are amazing). Okay, then we have 2 teachers and we learn basically only Spanish. I have 3 roommates, all Latinos. The cafeteria is crazy, the Latinos fall in love with the Americans so we are not allowed to sit with the opposite sex and especially a Latino.

Speaking of falling in love, okay so I sang at the fireside last week. It was great...At first it was the 3 of us singing the whole song, and then they chickened out and had me sing solo and they would sing with me in the chorus, so I belted my voice in Spanish, and it was awesome. I sang “Where Can I Turn For Peace.” I didn't know I had it in me but I’m sure the Lord is blessing me because mom people here have horrible voices. You think you can’t sing?! Just try to come here. Latinos have no tune whatsoever, its obnoxious, lol, but even worse is when every day even 4 days later, the Latin elders come up to me and asked me to sing for them on the spot, like begging me, to the point that wherever I went, they were like; “omg, Hermana Robbins, sing for me.” lol it was awesome. (Mom’s note: This is funny because Whit doesn’t have a soloist voice and for her to be singing solo, well it’s a crack up...It must be the gift of tongues in melody. We have always laughed at my singing because it’s so bad!)

Okay, so I have been fine with the food down here even though I’m super picky, and the food is sometimes sick and I have to just suck it up. My comps have to run to the toilet with the runs every two seconds. I’ve been lucky and haven't had the problem with it at all... knock on wood.

I can’t believe Mike Tilden is serving with Trevor?! Its awesome. (Moms note: Trevor is a guy Whitney knew up at Snow College). I called him pee pee don't ask why I don't remember but I thought about Trevor last month actually and asked around and no one knew about what he was up to. I thought he was home by now. Tell Mike to tell him hi for me and I want to hear from him!

I’m glad you got a little pond thing started in the backyard that's so sweet. Okay, so the weather here is so crazy and so hot you can basically chew the air, but it rains, and when it rains, I mean it’s a thunder storms! Oh the best part: guesssss what?...I’m going on splits tomorrow in the field with a missionary from the south or central mission for the whole day. I’m scared but I think it will be good. I get to have my picture in the Liahona in like 2 months so check for it ok! The whole MTC has pictures taken every month so I should be in it soon.

So there’s this thing that the MTC has where we go to this house that the church owns and we teach a fake investigator, and we get taped, lol, so crazy! We go twice a week and some times the spirit is so strong!

I was wondering if you could send me some stuff. The thing is we can’t leave the MTC and we don't have a store here like the other MTC, so I’m screwed lol. I need some shampoo, hairspray, water bottle...like a heavy duty one, & febreeze because the mold & pee smell in the room is sick...like I hate it! And some dryer sheets would be nice. The soap stinks here and the water eats away the coloring on the soap bottles...its weird. Oh, and a soap dish holder maybe like the plastic ones and some candy...Oh I’m dying without it. If it wasn't for Jess` package I’d die. And I don't care what kind of candy it is, maybe some hard tack old fashion root beet and lemon candy they have at Wal-Mart I’m just dying without it and we can’t leave which is the worst thing so I’m screwed lol.

Okay, let Chels know I got her letter and I love her so much and I loved her letter so much and how awesome her wedding was. I bet it was amazing and she should have eaten the food. Tell her I can’t look at her website, she needs to send me pics. And tell her that I will try to write her a letter next week, but I need her new address. I have so much to say and less than 5 mins. I am glad you liked the tape and I knew you would enjoy it. I haven’t gotten any mail from dads family accept from Scott. I wrote them all last week and they should get it sometime next week.

I want you to know especially how much I know this gospel is the only true church. And if anything the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is the rock of my salvation and I love the gospel with all my heart. I know and that Joseph smith saw god the Father and Jesus Christ at 14 and, I love you all. Read and pray! Brooke your getting a letter from me this week, write me please, and mom send me what you think I’ll need. PS: I will probably get lice here, everyone does, so be prepared to help me with it when I get home! keep writing and keep reading the BOM its true and the church is true-

Whitney dawn!

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