Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Simpler Way Of Life

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I email with other moms who have missionaries in Central America and one of them has shared photos of her daughter Katie who is currently serving in the Guatemala City South Mission. These pictures tell an amazing story...It's true that "A picture can speak a thousand words." Here Katie is standing in her dwelling and she loves it even though its one of the poorest areas of the mission. In the background you can see the toilet stall, to the right behind the blue sheet is the shower stall, both have a sheet for privacy, and the concrete sink and counter top for their toiletries on the far right. Laundry hangs from the ceiling. The dwellings are made of concrete because its cooler and they can easily hose it down to get rid of the bugs each day. They get running water from 1am to 8am only, and it's cold! The beds are in the room that she's standing in. There is no kitchen, and no paper products of any kind can be put in the toilet. They are bagging it.

Katie stands proudly next to an elderly woman who is one of her investigators. Katie is 5'4" tall. The average height for Mayan people is 4 feet. They are warm good hearted people and are probably one of the most humble people you'd ever meet.

The missionaries pay the members to feed them....Hence, no need for a kitchen. Here Katie makes tortillas with this sister. One of the many perks of being in this region of the world is learning to make home made tortillas!

Thank you Laura for sharing Katie's pictures with us!

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