Tuesday, May 19, 2009

" IT'S CRAZY ! "

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Hey, I’m going to send a few different emails because the internet is bad! Okay, well things here have been crazy. Its so humid you can chew the air, lol, but I’m use to it now! The rain is insane and its crazy, but I love it. It will be blue skies, then just pour down. I have had the curliest hair lol, its funny, but cute!

It was so good talking to you the other day. Did you get my package? I can get mail here like I did in the Provo MTC. But its sad, I only get it once a week on p-day. My p-day here is on Tuesday. I was shocked I didn’t get any mail for the past week and a half, not even a “Dearelder” letter from any of my friends. I normally get like 4 “Dearelder” letters a day lol.

The people here are great, accept not as clean as us. We can’t flush the toilet paper, and the smells are getting to me lol. There are 3 Latino girls in my room who don't speak English so its like hand motions and trying to talk to each other in the little Spanish I know. I taught my first Spanish lesson yesterday, they film you and play...it back it was funny. I still have the same companions and I would probably die if I didn't lol.

The GUA MTC is super small and there are probably about 20 north Americans and 35 Latin's, its crazy. On Saturday we went to the temple and contacted people, and it was crazy. I talked to a women who was a member and I bore my testimony and talked about the church a little and then she was crying and she started to bear her testimony and I tried to understand it all but she said she was poor and didn't have much food and she was so grateful for the church and then we sang a hymn to her and it was great the spirit was so strong. My Spanish keeps getting better.

The food is interesting here; my comps are super sick with the runs, and I’m cast-iron tummy and just endure it all, lol. Its not that bad to me, accept for the beans that you eat with everything, even to dip your pancakes in lol.

Let Jess know I’m sending her a letter in the mail, and that Chels needs to write me. Tell Uncle Scott that I love him and he is great for writing me and that I’m doing just fine. I’ll try and write him today but it will take about 2 weeks for him to get it, but thank him for me! Its been great!

I can’t think about what to say but that I miss my old district so much. The new one is way immature, and its annoying. Oh lame story; So I got asked to sing at the devotional tonight, there is a General Authority speaking here in the CCM (MTC), and I’m singing, lol, with my two comps, in Spanish too, lol, non of us have great voices so it should be interesting. I have the best voice here, lol, and that’s not saying much, huh! I also sang last Sunday too, lol, they love me, lol!

Did you get the picture from my ccm presidente? Okay, I gotta go, but I love you and maybe send me candy, the candy here is nasty. Anything chocolate, and oh, maybe the blue box of mike-n-ikes jelly beans ya know, lol, and Febreeze, it stinks here, I’m smell a phobic. I’ll try and get pictures taken, but I can’t send them till I’m out of this ccm in June. I love you and please write me anyone...it gets me through the week.

I want you to know how much I love my savior Jesus Christ and how much he has done for me and that I know that José Smith was a profeta of de dios y I love this gospel. Keep me updated. Oh and tell Annie thanks for the cookies, and her card should be coming in the mail in 2 weeks. Thanks to everyone who wrote me and tell Shar and Mike thanks for the letter, and tell Nicholle to write me, and tell Bre I’ll be writing her today too.

I love you all!

Rub them Bryce...write me or else!

- Hermana Robbins

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