Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Thanks for the package, I shared some of it...I’m nice!

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Friday, May 1, 2009

Whitney mailed to me a beautiful handmade accordion Mother’s Day card that she made before she left home, and a short letter for the family...
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Sorry this is going to be short. I’m hiding this (the card) LOL, my Companions will go A-wall LOL. Thanks for the package, I shared some of it...I’m nice! There is a scale here, no worries. I would love whatever you get me. I should get your pictures printed by Monday and I’ll send copies then.

We were warned about the flu. We can’t touch each other, not even handshakes. I will answer your questions in my next letter. I can only write Thursdays, so don’t get mad. Tell Bryce and Chels thanks for writing me! And tell Bryce that the translation makes no sense! (Bryce wrote some Spanish to Whit).

I got two dresses and you would like them. Oh, I got my flight plans. I fly out May 12th @ 8:20 AM to Texas then to Guatemala on American Airlines. Things are getting better and I saw Brent (Whit’s cousin is also currently in the MTC). I love it here, thinking about leaving makes me sad. Happy early Birthday Bryce :)

PS: Dad-I love you. Thanks for the letter :)
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