Friday, May 8, 2009

"Good thing my companion is a nurse"

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

MOM and DAD!
HOLA I miss you- Okay, where to start. I can only write on my p-day that includes both e-mail and letters. I get the mail 3 times a day and my district leader picks it up for the district. I will try my best to remember all the questions you asked me. I got your packages and I love them thanks so much, your awesome, it really helped me a lot. I also put in a note with your mothers day card did you not see it, it said that the 12 was fine and you can send it! I love the CD player I listen to it all the time now!

Things with my comps are better we are getting along a lot more than we first did. There is 5 in our room, Sister Magno is from the Philippines going to the Arcadia, Ca mission and then her comp sister Jones from South Jordan, UT going to Chile. Then my two comps. I have the top bunk and its nice not to bad, just a little hard. Our schedule during the day is crazy we wake up at 5:55 and shower and be ready by 7, we have class 7-7:45 then breakfast at 7:45-8:15, study from 8:15-12:30 then lunch at 12:30 - 1:15 and class from 1:15 - 4 and gym from 4 - 5:30, dinner at 5:30- 9:30, and bed at 10:30, so ya its crazy busy but I'm forgetting myself and working.

Okay, so speaking of gym I played basketball and sprained my ankle good thing my companion is a nurse, lol, so I have been limping haha its great, not! I got 2 shots they were $151 for 2 and they hurt like a mother, but they are taking care of us in regards to the swine flu. We can't touch anyone and we have to wash our hands all the time and there is hand sanitizers everywhere.

I fly out Tuesday at 8:20 and I don’t know how long the flight is but I have a layover in Dallas, TX for 3 hours and so what's the best way to call and what number should I call you on. I can call collect, or maybe pick up a calling card. they didn't say how long we can talk but I’m guessing an hour so I’m excited. Tell Bryce happy 16th birthday, I sent him a card with pics in it too, so you can have the pics. I have a on-line photo album in case you didn't realize mom its on my blogspot and you can sign in and add pics to that the password and username is the same as my blogspot info. I am glad your working hard at working out both of you, I have been loosing weight because I am not eating out every day lol.

Every week we go to the TRC (teaching resource center) and we practice teaching and so I have taught in Spanish for the first half and then English in the second have and we have to prepare a talk every week in Spanish, I think I'll be called to speak this week since its my last week. I heard both Lynn Robbins of the quorum of the 70 and he talked about Christ like attributes, and then this week it was M Russell Ballard of the 12 and he was amazing he spoke on the desire to serve.

I have seen a few people I know. I saw Brent for a sec and we couldn't talk because his teacher was teaching them, I met a girl who is on the Esperanza Ward in Palmdale Stake, and then also a girl that I knew Megan she was in my public speaking class at Snow. My district is awesome its Elder Kelly from Orem, UT going to Wisconsin and then his comp Elder Rollins from Mesa, Az, then Elder Tolman from Glendora, CA and his comp Elder Todd from Bosie, then the 5 of us girls who are roommates and the last two is Elder Cannon from Logan, UT and his comp Elder Pratt from Taylorsville, UT. Oh I met Que's nephew, it was random lol he was awesome ha kinda like Que. I goof off with Elder Cannon and Pratt all the time in class its great they are hilarious. Okay so a funny thing happened so we were walking to the gym and my comp Sister Farnsworth said "oh look its the missionaries" then we were like omg are you serious, and she was like; "oh, ya, we are missionaries!" it was funny.

So many funny things have happened here, I love it and I'm comfortable now and I'm leaving. I'll send you the address but don't send anything in the mail unless its overnight because I gotta get it by Monday! I am so glad Tiffany sang a song, I'm mad I missed it, and I laughed toooo hard to think about you winning cookie contests with Tollhouse cookies lol!

We go to the temple on p-day and I went last week and in the Provo Temple you don't change rooms, its weird! I got 2 dresses they are Jody and very "Molly Mormon" but I love them lol. I don't know what I'm missing I think you have asked so many questions that I don't remember. The spirit here is so strong if you can watch the movie called Joseph Smith the prophet of the restoration, its was so amazing I cried soo much, and also read Matt 11:28-30. How is the reading and praying coming? I want you and dad to pray together ever night together. Companion prayer is so important, I pray at least 20 times a day and its so awesome to talk with the Lord. I gotta go but I love you and miss you let me know what number to call Tuesday love you so much and I’m excited for the new clothes!

Hermana Robbins
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